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Passport photos - 😱

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Witzend Fri 26-Feb-21 11:54:46

No, not just because the wrinkly old hag in them surely can’t be me!
My passport runs out in June, so in case we’re allowed to travel any time before Christmas I paid my £6 in the Asda booth for the photos.

I ‘posed’ carefully at least 4 times (9 goes were allowed) - not smiling, hair off face, etc. and each time it came back saying the photo would not be accepted for a passport because it looked as if my mouth was open!
I took the last lot anyway, wondering what on earth was going wrong.
Anyway, this morning there was an email to say all Ok and my new passport is being printed, phew.

Just to add, if anyone else needs to renew, it would seem very quick and easy at the moment - dh did his online a week or so earlier and the new one arrived within days.

In case anyone is unaware, if you use the sort of booth I did, it gives you a code for the photos which you simply enter on the online form, no need to post anything - except your old passport which they cancel and return.

Jaxjacky Fri 26-Feb-21 12:11:10

Did my husbands last year online, photo done on the phone. It is one of the most efficient government departments processes.

Maggiemaybe Fri 26-Feb-21 12:13:00

You've reminded me that we need to sort DH's renewal out - we're going nowhere this year, but we might as well do it now if it's quiet.

I renewed mine just after the system came in whereby you could take your own photo at home and upload it. It had teething problems. DH must have taken well over 50 identical photos before he went on strike. There were all sorts of objections - background too light, too dark, shadows on face, mouth open, eyes closed, too much background, not enough, object in the background (there wasn't). And the memorable "It looks as though your head is too small".

The one they evenually let through broke the rules - as DH had taken his bat home, I had to resort to a selfie, which they'd said wasn't allowed. When my passport came back, the off-white background of our landing wallpaper had changed to a bright blue. Passport control have told me three times since that it shouldn't have been accepted. smile

BlueSky Fri 26-Feb-21 12:16:52

The passport photos couldn’t get any worse, what with a serious face, facing the camera straight on, no glasses even if you usually wear them, never mind the lines which have multiplied since the last photo, well not a pretty picture!

Witzend Fri 26-Feb-21 12:19:05

We (or rather I) tried several times to take dh’s photo at home, @Maggiemaybe, but there was always a bit of a shadow in the way, or the light wasn’t quite good enough, or something - e.g. the little hole in the wall after we’d taken a picture and its hook down to make a suitable space!
So the Asda booth it was - QED.

nanna8 Fri 26-Feb-21 12:33:29

They are incredibly fussy about them here. If you do them yourself the chances are they won’t accept them so now I go and get them done at the post office and pay through the nose. They always look vile, just like the one on my driving licence. I think they have post grad degrees in ugly shots.

sodapop Fri 26-Feb-21 12:40:52

Can't wear your glasses so I can't read the instructions in the booth, have to concentrate hard on the French verbal instructions so it's all a hassle. I look like an escapee from Prisoner Cell Block H on my passport.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 26-Feb-21 12:50:37

I paid to have the lady in the Post Office to check mine before I posted them off, I ended up spending a fortune, it had been raining so I was wet, so, fringe was over eyebrows, then I was smiling/grimacing, then I wasn’t in the centre of the pic, and so on, every time I had to whip on and then off my glasses so that I could see to redo the blasted things.
I now have a passport that looks like I am from the home for the bewildered and I’m pretty fed up that the Passport Officers still recognise that it’s me!
BTW I travel with my fringe over my eyebrows ,usually smiling, but sometimes grimacing..........

dustyangel Fri 26-Feb-21 13:07:12

I recently had to do mine as i realised suddenly that it runs out at the end of February and I was panicking at the the thought of being stuck in Portugal for ever. I had the photos done at the end of January (shop only open for ID photos), posted it the next day, They received it on 3rd February and returned it to me within the week. Most efficient postal service from either country that we’ve had for months and such a quick turn round and delivery. These government departments must know somebody.wink DH says that it’s a better photo than the previous one. All that panic wasted!

Marydoll Fri 26-Feb-21 13:11:05

I did mine and my Blue Badge photo on my phone and uploaded on line. Both accepted without a problem.

silverlining48 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:31:25

My passport ran out early last month. I am not going anywhere, so not in too much of a rush but I have started trying to take a half decent photo. In each and every one I look about 150, and all those wrinkles!.? If all else fails will check Asda out.

Cherrytree59 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:35:24

We did ours and as mentioned by PP, they arrived within a matter of days.
As did the old passports back.

We had our photos done at Timpson outside sainsbury's.

We were given photos usb stick and code number/letters .
It was very simple, I did both on my mobile phone, just added the code numbers/letter and Bob's yer uncle as they say.

It is also very easy to renew driving licence online.
If have passport, no picture required, just add passport number in the box provided on DVLA site.

Why is it that DH passport photo looks fine but...
mine is 😱 scary to say least ! ??

Thought previous 10 years ago passport photo was bad, but this is a whole new level
The black white photo is not as bad as the full on colour.

Saving grace...
Renewed driving licence last year, so has previous passport photo on, Ha!smile

Cherrytree59 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:39:42

Ps if you use the code letters/numbers provided, there is no need to upload photo, it does it for you.

There is a Timpson booth ( key cutters) outside our local Asda as well as Sainsbury's

Witzend Fri 26-Feb-21 13:40:11

My dh looks like a seriously grim and grumpy old bugger in his passport photos (he isn’t) but he doesn’t care.
Nor do I really - , hardly anyone is ever going to see them, but it’s still a bit of a shock to see the difference 10 years have made.

Kim19 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:40:14

I remember having a good laugh with a bus driver when he asked me for photographic ID. He let me on and I said 'how could you possibly think that looks like me?!'

Georgesgran Fri 26-Feb-21 14:45:39

I’ve just got my driving licence renewed for when I’m 70. They allow you to use your passport photo, so the picture makes me look 6 years younger - well at least I think it does!

Hellogirl1 Fri 26-Feb-21 20:22:51

I don`t know if it`s true or not, but someone told me that it doesn`t matter what you look like in your passport photo, they only look at the eyes.

Urmstongran Fri 26-Feb-21 20:27:55

My late mum used to say “if you look like your passport photograph you’re too ill to travel”.

Susiewong65 Fri 26-Feb-21 22:23:11

It’s a bit of an eye opener when you get all your old passports out and look at the photos of yourself every ten years ! 😬

Kim19 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:49:50

What a shrewd Mum, Urm!

Grannynannywanny Sat 27-Feb-21 08:24:23

Does anyone remember the funny Hamlet cigar advert many years ago with Gregor Fisher? He had several very funny attempts at taking a passport photo.