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Church bells to ring for Sir Capt Tom

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25Avalon Fri 26-Feb-21 20:19:34

Tomorrow is the funeral of Sir Capt Tom and lots of churches will be ringing their bells at noon tomorrow in commemoration. Some are even planning 100 tolls, one for each year of his life. The Sir Tom Foundation has opened a book of condolences if anyone is interested.

MissAdventure Fri 26-Feb-21 20:35:57

Ah, that's a fitting tribute, I think

Anniebach Fri 26-Feb-21 20:55:39

Yes, a fitting tribute

Lillie Fri 26-Feb-21 21:29:12

I haven't heard church bells in our neighbourhood for ages. I had assumed it was because they couldn't do bell practice socially distanced. It will be nice to listen if they have decided to do it.

25Avalon Sat 27-Feb-21 12:29:11

The bells tolled in my village at 12 noon. I guess you only need one bell ringer to toll a bell so social distancing will have been observed.