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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 28-Feb-21 12:25:38

Hi! This is my third attempt so it's either going to be brief or not at all. I'll be asking for my money back soon!
Thank for your Anniversary messages.
I was on my own so was 29 short of my permitted crowd and the noise levels didn't attract the neighbours, so no boogying or suchlike.grin
Megs Don't the "children" make you feel like you're getting on when they turn 60? hmm

Jaxjacky Happy Birthday! How young did you say?
City 2 West Ham 1 grin
Poor Alf Garnett wouldn't be impressed;

Kim finished off the celebrations with a Chish and Fips Banquet today, no soup, too hot, 27C constant sunshine, no rain.
Thanks for your offer' I'll take a rain-check for now! smile
More Covid supplies arrived today, but it seems like a drop in the ocean!

I'm waiting on the Govt. to start offering a $50 bounty to recalcitrant elderly citizens to take a jab! it would be cheaper than producing all those TV videos!
Just a thought! grin

Must go now before Gremlins return!
Good Health wine wine wine

rafichagran Sun 28-Feb-21 15:15:11

Good heath Rufus, have a good evening.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 16:13:12

Rufus, thank you, to answer your age query ‘as young as the man that I feel’ my husband will be 8 years younger than me tomorrow. My children are 30 and 34, makes me feel old some days! Glorious sunshine here again, did a bit up the allotment, I’ll do a couple more hours later in the week, then up the tip next weekend to get rid of the weeds, we have to book a slot.
Off for a brisk walk in a minute, before settling in for the evening.
Take care 🥂