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Booked a hotel? your advice please

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infoman Thu 04-Mar-21 09:36:50

We booked a hotel a few months ago for an event that required over night stays.
As we are not allowed to stay over night,
we had an e-mail to say "manage your booking".
Just want to be sure we don't lose our money.
Any help or advice most wellcome

Ellianne Thu 04-Mar-21 09:38:39

What cancellation option did you choose when you booked?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 04-Mar-21 10:36:54

Ring the hotel, far easier than trying to navigate most websites.
They have probably got staff in, especially as bookings are going up anticipating the end of lockdown.

infoman Thu 04-Mar-21 14:42:29

The "national" hotel chain rang me and said I can't cancel.

After "discussing it further" the hotel said we will give you your money back.

Newatthis Thu 04-Mar-21 15:10:45

Take your money and make alternative arrangements.