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Good Morning Friday, Michael is late

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grandMattie Sat 06-Mar-21 06:28:56

Mick’s late so just in case, I have started for him. Hope he’s OK.
Good morning from a dull E Kent. Hope it’ll clear up later and we have some sun.
I had a lovely morning with my friend from T’ai Ci, wh o saw for the first time since November. We had a socially distance coffee on a bench in the churchyard. It was freezing cold so we wandered around an through all the little alleys and passages of the town, including the lovely “Holy Ghost Alley”.
The Gardner is coming to work in about three weeks!
Nothing on today.
Hope all is going well for those with sadness, anxiety, pain, etc. Carpe diem! Stay safe. ☀️🌷🌹❤️☀️

Kalu Sat 06-Mar-21 06:44:08

Today is Saturday grandMattie 😂 Hope Mick is OK.

Good morning all from Glasgow where it is still dark out side but I think we may be in for a dull cloudy day , no rain forecast which means I can potter about in the garden.

The small local ironing company I have always used is back in business. Hallelujah, no more exhausting ironing mountain to tackle.

Hope your DH is now recovering from his operation yesterday Gagagran and you can both relax a bit.

Best wish to all to have the best day you can, especially those of you with troubles, worries or whatever is causing you pain.

kittylester Sat 06-Mar-21 07:30:18

Good morning all from a slightly misty North Leicestershire.

A fry up for brunch (actually it's a grill up, isn't it?) before Dh watches his team on the tv - are you ready Mrshat?

Then we are going to risk going to look for wallpaper for the hall as the plasterer is coming next week and the decorator is on standby!! The end is in sight.

gaga hoping your dh is comfortable this morning. Will he be home today?

12Michael Sat 06-Mar-21 07:32:01

I had already posted Good Morning Friday ,

grandMattie Sat 06-Mar-21 10:58:11

I know. Got the day wrong as well. Many, many apologies!