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Fake or Genuine Goods on E-Bay?

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Grandma11 Sat 06-Mar-21 16:43:55

I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, and this week l decided to try and find a decent pair of Comfortable Summer Shoes. Not very easy, as l have very swollen feet, and l normally by the extra wide fittings from retailers such as ‘Cosyfeet’ or Widerfit Shoes online store.

I found a pair of White leather Sandals that l liked with an open toe and full heal, very flat and extremely roomy due to the Velcro extension straps, but the online store price was a chunk more than l would usually pay when l manage to buy out of one of their sales. With Postage, and the strap extensions, this would be around £75.

I decided to take a look on EBay in case anyone was selling something similar, to save a bit of cash, and found the same Sandals for £24.95. I was very pleased with myself, and ordered them. Bearing in mind that l have already bought this brand many times before, l am aware of their Logos, trade mark details, and quality.
The Sandals that arrived today had obviously come from a private seller, not a company, the detailing and Logos were slightly different, the sole was much thinner and lighter, the linings say ‘Cosyfeel’ not ‘Cosyfeet’ and the leather is much thinner than usual. However, they do fit well!

I’m unsure what to do about the situation, inform the Genuine Company for comments? Keep them and use them, realising ‘You only get what you pay for’? Or report my findings to Trading standards?

The seller is still trading these shoes, in various styles and sizes, so is obviously a business, and not just someone trying to sell on a random pair of new unwanted shoes!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 06-Mar-21 16:48:48

Report it direct to eBay, I think that there is also a returns policy? You can always block your payment if you paid through PayPal and are in the stated time scale.
But report the seller, if the goods are fake they will act on your behalf I’m sure.

However it’s a reminder that eBay is open to anyone to sell and even if the seller is in the U.K. the goods might come direct from the Far East.
I only use sellers that have 100% rating and I wouldn’t spend more than £20 on anything on eBay, I would always go to a reputable Retailer.

starstella Sat 06-Mar-21 16:49:59

I would report them to the company and let them take care of it.I have had the same experience on Facebook what has arrived is nothing like what is shown.

CleoPanda Sat 06-Mar-21 17:01:14

They should be advertising and selling them as “Cosyfeel” sandals. If they are selling them as “Cosyfeet” they are selling fakes and are a fraudulent company.
You should report them to EBay.
You don’t know where they were made or by whom. Could be a sweat shop in a Far Eastern country. Could be made by slaves anywhere in the world. By allowing these fraudsters to continue unchallenged people are condoning fraud and deceit.

Grandma11 Sat 06-Mar-21 17:06:36

It’s very rare that l buy anything from EBay Oopsadaisy1, my daughter uses in quite regularly to buy Pet supplies for her Dogs, and she has in the past picked up some real bargains.
I paid with a Credit card, which does give a degree of protection when things go wrong with online retailers, the last time l was scammed was a few years ago when l was sold fake perfume for next to full price, and claimed a full refund.

Although the Sandals themselves may have been manufactured in the Far East, the Address on the returns label is one in Runcorn Cheshire, with the name of a private individual, not a company.

I will have a think about what to do next, thankfully I’m not desperate for the Sandals, and l never get much wear out of my shoes anyway due to poor mobility, and using a wheelchair or my scooter to get around on longer distances outside.

sharon103 Sat 06-Mar-21 17:14:38

Check the listing first on your purchases to make sure of the shoe details that you bought. Did you order the right item or have they made a mistake? It will also say if the seller accepts returns.
You can click on contact the seller and send a message.
If you're not happy with an item you can usually return and get a refund but you have to pay the return postage yourself.
I have learned to always check the sellers feedback before buying. I've been 'had' a few times in the past.

M0nica Sat 06-Mar-21 17:26:39

I have always been fortunate with my ebay buying. I always start by checking the seller's feed back and how long they have been on ebay. and I read the product description carefully.

Much of my ebay purchasing is diy, home improvement or craft related.

GillT57 Sat 06-Mar-21 17:33:27

Although it is tempting to keep what appears to be a bargain, you can be pretty certain these are fakes, will likely fall apart quickly and you will have no guarantee with a private seller. The decision is yours of course, but bear in mind the impact on the genuine manufacturer who may end up out of business. I never buy on Ebay anymore, too many dodgy people selling pirated goods.

Deedaa Sat 06-Mar-21 20:32:51

The big dangers on Ebay are the electrical goods. I know DH was scammed several times with goods that turned out to be Chinese fakes. I usually stick to 2nd hand books and clothes and don't have any problems.

Callistemon Sat 06-Mar-21 20:45:25

Yes, you should report it to EBay and CosyFeet.

I would deal with the company direct.
widerfitshoes also stock a good range.

NotSpaghetti Sat 06-Mar-21 21:07:11

Do they actually say "Cosyfeet" in the advert?

M0nica Sat 06-Mar-21 22:10:51

Like you, Deedaa I would not buy electrical goods, electronics or any kind of motor vehicle.

It is great for all kinds of secondhand goods, parts and materials. I have been on ebay, almost since it started. I purchased my first product from ebay in around 1998-9 and I have had no disasters, and only a handful of goods that were not quite what i wanted.