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What are they like? !!

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hazel93 Tue 09-Mar-21 10:40:52

After more than 40 years of throwing laundry into the machine for family and now only for the two of us DH
asked this morning "Why are you shrinking all my clothes" ?
Have no idea how I kept a straight face - anyone else had this delicate problem ?

GrannyGravy13 Tue 09-Mar-21 11:04:12

I am thinking of having my new fitted wardrobes removed on the basis that nowhere in the advertising blurb, or is n any discussions with sales staff /fitters did they mention that the wardrobes possessed magical clothes shrinking powers!!!!shock

hazel93 Tue 09-Mar-21 11:17:42

Be very careful GG - it could happen to wardrobes , drawers or even tumble dryers. Be on your guard.

Blossoming Tue 09-Mar-21 11:36:51

Tell him to do his own washing and go on a diet.

grandMattie Tue 09-Mar-21 11:40:50

Like it blossoming. Exactly my reaction. Don’t like it? Do it yourself! My own DH has learned the hard way and daren’t comment! 🤣

kittylester Tue 09-Mar-21 11:44:36

Oh, crikey! Sense of humour.

I haven't tried on any clothes that aren't stretchy or elastic ated- I'll get back to you!!

Tea3 Tue 09-Mar-21 11:47:35

I can’t believe it took two or three years of Mr T moaning about shirt collars being made smaller for me to realise he was still buying the same collar size shirt as 40 odd years ago. He wouldn’t believe he was the problem until I pointed out our twenty something son wore a collar size only half an inch smaller and stood them both in front of the mirror to compare necks.

EllanVannin Tue 09-Mar-21 11:55:25

Hahahaha,grandmattie I like your style.

janeainsworth Tue 09-Mar-21 12:00:56

Holes spontaneously appear in MrA's clothes, even nice ones like a shirt he got from the Gap outlet near us.
He has no idea how they get there.
But it's my fault, obvs.
I do something wrong while they're in the washing machine

Ro60 Tue 09-Mar-21 14:40:38

Lovely 😂😂😂

Especially since charity shops closed & I've bought some supermarket clothes, my wardrobes have definitely shrunk.

I'm waiting for them to invent elastic walls.

LauraNorder Tue 09-Mar-21 14:47:17

My wardrobe, my washing machine, the tumble dryer- I don’t care which one is at fault, just stop it.
Btw, It’s not that I’m fat, I’m just short for my weight.