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My Morrisons Home Delivery - A Success!

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Alishka Thu 11-Mar-21 10:47:45

It's just been delivered. The bag containing 12 large free-range eggs had gooey yellow mess in the bottom - 2 eggs had cracked.
The driver wrote off the price of all the contents of that bag - 26.46p for my 'inconvenience' of having to wipe over some of the contents.
As inconveniences go, that one I can happily live withgrin

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 19:14:19

I normally only discover the breakages when I unpack the bags, but Morrisons are really good at giving refunds for any soiled articles. I think that goes for the other supermarkets too.

YorkLady Thu 11-Mar-21 21:06:43

Ocado do the same. I had a bag which had a burst tub of cream. He informed me that he would process a refund. I was surprised, when I checked online, that it was for all the items in the bag (around £18).

suziewoozie Thu 11-Mar-21 22:01:13

My WR delivery today had a split bag of flour but I didn’t contact them about it - they’ve been so generous with substitutions, refunds etc I felt it wold have been mean. I can’t praise the overall delivery service I’ve had from them too highly .