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Have you ever ‘reinvented’ yourself ?

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nanna8 Sun 14-Mar-21 22:01:10

When you moved to another area or something happened in life did you ever make a conscious effort to change something ? When I was young I went to uni away from home and I decided not to be the quiet, shy type of person I once was. What a liberation. Had an absolutely fantastic time, pushed myself at parties etc. My little granddaughter is quite quiet and shy but when she went on stage, wow, she was a completely different person. Gave me an insight into what goes on below the surface for her.

M0nica Sun 14-Mar-21 22:12:12

For various reasons, not really my parent's fault, I had a less than easy childhood, beset by a medical condition that was difficult to deal with and led to a lot of bullying, and I can remember that sense of release and renewal that engulfed me the day before I went to Uni, that I was going somewhere where no-one knew about my, by then, past medical problems or anything else about me and I could let that burden fall from my shoulders and I could, so to speak, start life again, with no past and just make my way for the person I was in the now and present.