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vampirequeen Tue 16-Mar-21 08:56:57

If poison is past it's expiry date is it more poisonous than before or no longer poisonous?

Anniebach Tue 16-Mar-21 08:59:16

Perhaps it has a best before date

NellG Tue 16-Mar-21 09:13:35

Usually more, but it depends on the poison. It also depends on how it's kept and what it's been exposed to.

Any particular reason for asking? DH getting on the nerves? wink

Urmstongran Tue 16-Mar-21 09:19:52

Great thought! 😂

Ro60 Tue 16-Mar-21 11:02:50

Good one ☝ I'm pondering 🤔 What are you up to? 😂

vampirequeen Tue 16-Mar-21 11:06:36

I've hurt my back and, unusually for me, can't sleep. I found that in the middle of the night I have very weird thoughts and this was one of them grin

LauraNorder Tue 16-Mar-21 11:06:41

I’d say the poison weakens over time until picked up and shaken again.

annodomini Tue 16-Mar-21 11:39:42

Difficult to know unless you experiment!

Calendargirl Tue 16-Mar-21 11:43:45

I have posted on other threads about ‘best before’ dates, but in this case will pass!

Not willing to be a guinea pig.