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good news about TV licences for over 75's?

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infoman Sat 20-Mar-21 13:59:23

Pantglas2 Sat 20-Mar-21 14:31:00

Lord Botham has pushed for this - some of you will remember him as Ian Botham, cricketer and charity fundraiser etraordinaire, and supposedly underserving of his place in HoL!

Auntieflo Sat 20-Mar-21 14:50:11

Oh blast, we paid ours!!

BlueBelle Sat 20-Mar-21 14:54:58

Paid mine ...too late

grannysyb Sat 20-Mar-21 14:58:08

Paying it every month, not sure if I should stop! I think the BBC will end up like Netflix and Sky, as a subscription service. What worries me is we might lose the radio, the Wirld Service is very important.

grannysyb Sat 20-Mar-21 14:59:02

World not Wirld!

Callistemon Sat 20-Mar-21 15:01:24

We paid ours too!

But thank you for that, Lord B.

annodomini Sat 20-Mar-21 15:27:46

Mine is paid by direct debit. Too bad!

Brahumbug Sun 21-Mar-21 14:05:48

Everybody should pay it. The destruction of the BBC would be a crime of immeasurable proportions.

jusnoneed Sun 21-Mar-21 17:01:06

I know a lady in her 90's who said she wasn't going to pay and if they wanted to put her in prison so be it lol. So she will laugh about this. Hope my Dad gets his money back as he bottled out and paid up.
Should be scrapped for everyone and then have a subscription service for people that still want the beeb. Worth about a fiver a month!
They provide about half a dozen things worth watching through the year so I wouldn't bother.

Taking the free licence away is wrong, it's a lot of money to pay out for many pensioners.