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Am I a shopaholic?

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Mollybest1 Sat 20-Mar-21 16:28:15

I love buying new clothes and am always ordering online. I love choosing buying and waiting for them to arrive, I feel happy trying them on and think I look good in them. The problem is , I don’t go anywhere so everything I buy sits in the wardrobe which makes me sad. I don’t want to give them away because I like them, that’s why I brought them. I buy in the sale so doesn’t cost much and my husband says, it’s my money, I can spend it how I want.
Need to train myself not to buy anymore clothes, shoes, bags etc.... Any tips😕

AGAA4 Sat 20-Mar-21 16:37:36

If you enjoy buying new clothes and can afford it Mollybest1 I would just carry on.
We all need something to enjoy and I wouldn't want to take anyone's pleasures at this time away. When we can get out and about again you can wear all those lovely clothes to go somewhere.

NellG Sat 20-Mar-21 16:40:21

If you can afford it, it's not affecting your relationships, you enjoy it and it's not having any other detrimental impact then it's not an addiction. I could be a comfort thing though and a happy distraction from all the horribleness we're having to live with. But it seems you feel it has become problematic? We're not too far off being able to have a few freedoms now, perhaps start thinking about the things you could do when things improve - places you might go, which of your lovely outfits you can wear etc. Doesn't have to be big - I know you're struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings at the moment. Sometimes a bit of day dreaming about what could be when it can be is enough to be going on with. Maybe if you don't want to buy any more, but love fashion and styling you could start a Pinterest board and put outfits together on there for different occasions, if you make it public people will be able to use it for ideas for events? Or you can keep it private just for yourself. Just a couple of thoughts. 😊

MerylStreep Sat 20-Mar-21 16:40:27

Any tips? That’s a bit difficult, let me think about it.🤔

Nanna58 Sat 20-Mar-21 16:43:45

Well hello twin! Just wait ‘til we can go out again - with our lockdown buys we’ll be like butterflies emerging from our front doors!! 🤣

Mollybest1 Sat 20-Mar-21 16:48:19


Well hello twin! Just wait ‘til we can go out again - with our lockdown buys we’ll be like butterflies emerging from our front doors!! 🤣

This made me smile 😀

Judy54 Sat 20-Mar-21 17:18:22

Hello Mollybest I have still been buying clothes on line during lockdown and look forward to wearing them for different occasions when we can get out and about again. My only tip would be that each time you buy a new item you get rid of one item from your wardrobe. I do this on a regular basis as it helps me to know exactly what I have in the wardrobe. The only exception is that I do keep the more expensive dressy pieces, which are timeless classics which I know I will continue to wear. You enjoy wearing all your new purchases when you go out and about again, if they make you feel and look good then they were worth it!

Redhead56 Sat 20-Mar-21 19:36:08

I am a shopaholic it’s not just clothes. I was looking for a little cardigan earlier and came across two tops still with tags on. I obviously forgot I had bought them. When lockdown started last year I was going out buying essentials for my son and family. I would drop them off once a week I now have a bag in the dining room full non perishable foods. My freezer is bursting the cupboards are full if a war broke out we would be fine.

eazybee Sat 20-Mar-21 20:23:28

Why don't you wear all these clothes at home? They can't all be special occasion clothes, so why not wear your new dresses, shoes, skirts etc to make you feel good; dress for you and I expect your husband would appreciate them too.
It isn't compulsory to wear jeans and jumpers all the time.

Jaxjacky Sat 20-Mar-21 20:58:36

Redhead56 non perishable food could go to your local food bank?

janeainsworth Sat 20-Mar-21 21:12:04

Yes you are Molly but why worry? Just enjoy your clothes!
I liked this sign outside a boutique in Baltimore & just had to go in and buy something grin

lemongrove Sat 20-Mar-21 21:14:28

How many wardrobes do you have? That will give you the answer you seek.

annsixty Sat 20-Mar-21 21:54:27

Today I got to go to M&S simply food, the second time in over a year.
I put on a cotton jumper I bought this time last year, I actually bought two in different colours.
It was the first wearing and I am determined from this day on I am going to wear all my clothes in rotation.
My shopaholic trait is kitchenware at the present.
I have replaced old stuff for new and matching.
I have probably not spent more than £70/75 pounds and it has made me so happy, I smile when I walk into the kitchen.
If we can afford it and it gives us a lift we should do it, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession.

Urmstongran Sat 20-Mar-21 21:57:36

Just ... ‘Don’t look Ethel’ ‼️

Redhead56 Sat 20-Mar-21 23:49:58

Jaxjacky I take food to our food bank every week I cannot bear the idea of hungry families. Times are bad enough aren't they?