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What do you do to relax after being busy?

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nanna8 Sun 21-Mar-21 06:08:51

I like to sit in my comfy chair with my legs up, a glass of Pinot Gris and gransnet /book or some sewing

Kim19 Sun 21-Mar-21 06:29:21

Comfy chair for me too. Usually with a cup of hot chocolate. I then let the radio or telly entertain me. A book or anything slightly 'industrious' is shunned until I get my second wind. Usually takes a nice half hour or so before I'm up and at it again. Joy of retirement indeed,

BigBertha1 Sun 21-Mar-21 06:31:51

Feet up with Classic FM and the papers

Witzend Sun 21-Mar-21 08:02:55

Feet up on the sofa with book or Kindle.

Susan56 Sun 21-Mar-21 08:29:07

Feet up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Aveline Sun 21-Mar-21 08:56:22

I haven't been busy for ages sad. However, I do find my Stressless chair and a good TV drama to be very relaxing. There's something about getting lost in a story either on TV or in a good book that is delicious.

sodapop Sun 21-Mar-21 09:01:07

Reading for me as well. I like to watch TV but do word puzzles or visit GN at the same time.

Grandma11 Sun 21-Mar-21 09:21:10

Big Recliner chair for me, and a nice drink of something cool, usually pure fruit Juice, and then catching up with my family or helping run my Local History group on the internet, which often throws up a few surprises regarding people and Children I once knew quite well in the past!
I sometimes catch up with a few hobbies, go shopping online, last night I went shopping for a few things for our Garden, and bought some Netting for growing our sweet peas on, after the previous stuff went in the skip along with the old fence we had replaced last Autumn, which was broken and rotten along the bottom half.
DH is often watching his choice of programmes on the TV, which often results in him falling asleep, giving me a chance to watch something more own taste than the many repeats of Antiques tradeshows , and methods.of transport long gone!

Urmstongran Sun 21-Mar-21 09:44:31

What’s ‘being busy’?

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 21-Mar-21 10:58:12

Hmm! Telly on, sitting comfortably with possibly a G&T

timetogo2016 Sun 21-Mar-21 11:00:56

A large glass of red wine watch what dh is watching or on Gransnet or youtube.

Redhead56 Sun 21-Mar-21 11:49:05

If I have done a job in the garden or spent a lot of time in the kitchen I ignore any other jobs. Spread the work out that’s what I say what else is there to do in lockdown. In the evening will have some wine watch a recorded programme or play cards with my DH.

grandmajet Sun 21-Mar-21 11:52:22

Either gransnet, a book, or undemanding t.v. such as A Place In The Sun. I love choosing a bolt-hole in Spain!

silverlining48 Sun 21-Mar-21 11:55:26

Never busy so relax most of the time. I read or sit and listen to r4 for hours. Between being in bed a lot and sitting on the sofa looking at gn, I do like to walk. Also watch tv at night. Modern families makes me laugh and am grateful fir Netflix courtesy of daughters membership.

Buffybee Sun 21-Mar-21 11:56:25

At the moment, I spread jobs out, and in between relax on my comfy chair, with a coffee and Kindle.
Whilst sitting relaxing, I usually decide I’ve been busy enough for that day. smile

moggie57 Sun 21-Mar-21 11:57:44

read or sit outside .regardless if its my old dvds....

Whitewavemark2 Sun 21-Mar-21 12:36:05

Just sat for 10 minutes before getting lunch in the sun in the garden, trying out our new chairs. Very comfortable they are too.

Definitely my favourite rest pass time when it is warm enough, either with a book or crafty stuff or snoozing.

Judy54 Sun 21-Mar-21 14:57:38

My best type of relaxation is doing absolutely nothing!