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grannyrebel7 Sun 21-Mar-21 18:12:41

I live in Wales and have just completed our census form. I was really annoyed to find that we had been sent two copies, one in English and one in Welsh. Only 19% of the Welsh population speak Welsh and I don't think they're all fluent. It's such a shame we don't all speak our mother tongue. I think Henry V111 had something to do with it when he brought in the Act of Union in the 16th century. Apparently we were then all forced to speak English. That said, it is not environmentally friendly to waste so much paper and ink, to say nothing of the cost of printing these forms, 81% of which will not be used. I have nothing against the Welsh language and admire people who have mastered it. I can barely say bore da! I understand Scottish and Irish people are in similar positions with their languages too. I would like to ask all the Scottish and Irish GNers, did you receive two copies of your census form as well? Thank you.

Poppyred Sun 21-Mar-21 18:16:22

I speak fluent Welsh but filled the form in English, it’s just easier.

However if the forms weren’t bilingual there would have been an uproar wouldn’t there.

wildswan16 Sun 21-Mar-21 18:33:41

Scotland's census is postponed to 2022 so we haven't had anything yet.

aggie Sun 21-Mar-21 18:39:04

Here in Northern Ireland we were offered forms in Gaelic or Ulster Scots , but the one on the post is in English so would have to send for the others , less paper wasted
Having said that , I filled it in online, much easier , and the paper one went in the recycling

Pantglas2 Sun 21-Mar-21 18:39:38

I don’t understand how/why you had paper forms as opposed to filling it in online?

I’ve just completed ours and did it in English although I ticked all four boxes on Welsh language.

suziewoozie Sun 21-Mar-21 18:41:39

In England, you had to request a paper copy. Was that the same in NI and Wales? I’m not sure how they could have sorted out sending just the requested language- sometimes it s actually cheaper to treat everyone the same -depends on the process but certainly some human input would have been needed.

grannyrebel7 Sun 21-Mar-21 19:33:14

I would have filled it in online but I thought as they'd sent the forms rather than waste them both I'd fill one in. Requesting a paper copy would have been a much better option and saved lots of money as well. I expect by the time the next census comes around it will all be online.

PamelaJ1 Sun 21-Mar-21 19:44:13

If I had wanted a paper form I would have had to request one.

kircubbin2000 Sun 21-Mar-21 19:54:46

We got paper forms here.

Jaxjacky Sun 21-Mar-21 20:13:07

Did ours online too, I’d have been disappointed at the waste and cost with paper.

lemongrove Sun 21-Mar-21 20:37:04

No paper forms in England ( unless you requested one, for instance if you had no devices for doing it online.) Better all round, especially with Covid to do it this way.

Callistemon Sun 21-Mar-21 20:40:16

We're in Wales, everything official comes in Welsh first, English second, grannyrebel and yes, it was difficult to find the English on my Covid vaccine invitation.

However, we did the census online in English.

Poppyred Sun 21-Mar-21 22:11:18

Didn’t get a choice, paper ones sent in post.

Callistemon Sun 21-Mar-21 22:14:09

I wonder why?