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Congratulations to Mike and Zara *Title edited by GNHQ*

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Ellianne Wed 24-Mar-21 14:50:51

Mike, remember you're a member of the royal family!

We go from one royal couple not wanting to tell us anything about the baby's arrival, to Mike Tindall talking about how his baby son appeared on the bathroom floor at the weekend! Congratulations to him and Zara!

Aveline Thu 25-Mar-21 10:14:31

Lovely natural photos Elliane. She looks so happy.

Ellianne Thu 25-Mar-21 09:30:16

May I be permitted while we are on babies to slot these two photos, just released, into the thread too. I think it is Eugenie's birthday. Sweet!

Callistemon Thu 25-Mar-21 09:06:52

Well done, Iam64!

At least my DC wasn't breech!

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 25-Mar-21 09:01:54

My cousin delivered her latest granddaughter in the back of the car on the way to hospital. They pulled into a car park just in time. Another granddaughter was born a few weeks later in the hospital lift. Shelling peas comes to mind!

Sarnia Thu 25-Mar-21 08:53:52


Great news.
Delivered on the bathroom floor. If that had been the Beckhams they’d have called him Tyler. Ba boom

And if it had been a girl the Beckhams could have called her Cushelle.

Grammaretto Thu 25-Mar-21 08:53:17

Iam64 well done. That's an amazing story.
Good luck to your DD and family too glammagran

Sarnia Thu 25-Mar-21 08:43:56

They really are a breath of fresh air. Just what was needed at the moment. Zara has Princess Anne for her Mum. She was never going to grow up to be an entitled prima donna. Good luck to them.

Iam64 Thu 25-Mar-21 08:14:24

Lucca and Callistemon - it was Christmas Eve 7.30 am. My daughter had been sent home from the hospital the previous evening as ‘not in labour’. We were there to collect her 3 year old. It was snowing, the ambulance had been called at 7 am. I phoned the hospital to say one leg was already visible when we arrived. I’d no medical training but I’d had 3 babies, one of them face to front. I remembered the advice my midwife gave, held my daughter’s hand, said you can do this, chin down and push, doesn’t matter if you have no contractions, push. Baby arrived rather blue. I wrapped him in towels and mummy cuddled him. The ambulance crew arrived soon after. Phew!
I bumped into our GP in the wine section of the supermarket later. He reminded me the very short timescale to get a breech baby out. They came hone Christmas morning by which time, we had stocked them up with a large cooked chicken, ready veg and puds as well as all else needed. The baby was 2 weeks early and the plan had been they’d spend the day with us and 15 other family members. Makes me feel emotionally exhausted just reading this 💙

Pantglas2 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:46:51

It’s lovely news for them, such a down to earth couple and it doesn’t surprise me that they have a gym given their sporting livelihoods.

Calendargirl Thu 25-Mar-21 07:20:12


of course the bathroom won't be a small one but a large spacious suite.

And Mike fetched a mat ‘from the gym’ for the birth.

As you do. smile

I’m not having a dig, I think it’s lovely news. A little boy to complete the family. Must be such a relief for them after Zara’s miscarriages.

I hope they stay a happy, united, non royal family.

lemsip Wed 24-Mar-21 23:30:39

of course the bathroom won't be a small one but a large spacious suite.

Gannygangan Wed 24-Mar-21 23:26:30

Lovely news.

And today the happy Grandma was wandering round a refuse collection depot, having great chats and laughing her head off with the staff

Anne has been an amazing member of the RF.

glammagran Wed 24-Mar-21 23:10:27

Very happy for the Tindalls and their new son.

My DiL had her 2nd in the family bathroom too after 45 minute labour with ambulance station instructing my son on what to do. I was downstairs having just arrived at the house to take card of my GS. New GD was absolutely fine and was kindly offered a banana by her 2 year old brother 🥴. DiL was less so as she had to blue-lighted to hospital after post-partum haemorrhage due to a retained placenta.

My DD2 was signed off by her consultant this week at 36 weeks (her first baby had to be manually manipulated from breech to head down at 38 weeks) and has opted for a home birth this time. I must keep 🤐

Grammaretto Wed 24-Mar-21 23:05:27

I wish there were more home births or at least small Cottage Hospitals. So many stories you hear of poor anxious women in labour having to travel miles. I know one whose prem baby arrived in the ambulance.
My DiL gave birth in the lift at the hospital.
My home birth was by far the easiest and least stressful of all my 4.

merlotgran Wed 24-Mar-21 23:04:50

I read that the woman at the house is an old friend of Zara's and worked as a maternity practitioner for the NHS for thirteen years. She was present at the birth of Zara and Mike's two other children.

The midwife who was going to meet them at the hospital drove to their home when it was obvious Zara wasn't going to make it there. Another midwife followed soon afterwards.

I don't think it was planned for Zara to give birth at home.

BlueSky Wed 24-Mar-21 22:52:28

I guess they really planned a home birth as the midwife was present, rather than not enough time to go to hospital? And good idea too especially in these Covid times!

Urmstongran Wed 24-Mar-21 20:12:48

I love news about Zara and Mike. Such a happy, loving and unpretentious couple. Great news about the safe arrival of a baby boy. Lucas Philip. Nice nod to Zara’s grandfather there, just before his 100th birthday too how wonderful. Apparently Mike snipped the umbilical cord, left midwife and wife to sort things out and took his baby son downstairs to watch some rugby and golf ... ‘this is what we do boy!’. A heartwarming story and I loved he shared his joy with us.

SpringyChicken Wed 24-Mar-21 20:06:23


And I'm sure the Queen will hold this one as dear as Archie. They are all her great great grandchildren. Bless her!

Hang on a cotton pickin' minute, if Zara is the mother, Princess Ann is granny, the queen is great gran.

Blinko Wed 24-Mar-21 19:49:18

Here's a normal, non royal couple - M&H take note...

LauraNorder Wed 24-Mar-21 19:41:27

You can still go for Loo-cas BlueBelle.

BlueBelle Wed 24-Mar-21 19:22:17

Oh whoops thanks I must go to spec savers

Calendargirl Wed 24-Mar-21 19:08:23


Lovely happy event I wonder why they ve chosen the same name as William poor Queenie s got to get Louis 1 and Louis 2 not muddled haha

William’s is Louis, this one is Lucas.

Similar but not quite the same.

BlueBelle Wed 24-Mar-21 19:02:46

Delivered on the bathroom floor. If that had been the Beckhams they’d have called him Tyler. Ba boom

I don’t know lauranorder I think Loo y is a very appropriate name

BlueSky Wed 24-Mar-21 18:52:33

I feel for those poor women who push for hours, never mind not making it to the hospital!

BlueBelle Wed 24-Mar-21 18:48:02

Lovely happy event I wonder why they ve chosen the same name as William poor Queenie s got to get Louis 1 and Louis 2 not muddled haha