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What colour is my jacket?

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MoonStone93 Thu 25-Mar-21 14:48:45

I have a linen jacket which, at certain times of day, is ochre/mustard. Later in the day it changes and looks a distinct olive green.
Clearly it has something to do with light levels but this is really pronounced. It makes choosing what to wear with it difficult.
I'm curious as to why this happens. Anyone had similar or understand the science?

Beechnut Thu 25-Mar-21 14:56:43

I don’t know why it happens Moonstone. We had a car like that. It was silver but in certain lights it looked gold 🤨The official colour of it was titanium.

And there was the case of a dress a few years back that people saw as a two different colours.

Beechnut Thu 25-Mar-21 14:58:05

I’ve got that slightly wonky. Some saw the dress as one colour others saw it another colour.

CherryCezzy Thu 25-Mar-21 15:25:19

Perhaps it's the dye combination in the cloth. I have quite a bright blue linen dress which I wash by hand, The first time I washed it the dye that ran out was a deep khaki green colour 🤣.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 28-Mar-21 19:23:06

My DH has a fleece that looks brown, but next day (in a different light) it definitely looks green!! It'ver warm and he doesn't care what colour he wears it with!

M0nica Sun 28-Mar-21 20:01:45

moonstone I am having the same experience with a paint colour. Itis a just off white colour and in some rooms it looks as if it is verging towards a pinkish magnolia, whicle in other rooms it is clearly a yellow white.

On the paint chart it has the pink tinge.

Callistemon Sun 28-Mar-21 20:15:59

I bought purple yarn, lovely in daylight but brown in artificial light.

It depends which colours are absorbed and which are reflected in different lighting conditions.

Eloethan Sun 28-Mar-21 20:57:20

We got a carpet for a granddaughter's bedroom. It is light turquoise but unfortunately at most times of the day it just looks grey.