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Was the wool pulled over our eyes?

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mokryna Tue 30-Mar-21 10:05:08

The visit to Barnard Castle do you think is was for a eye test or to set things in motion for a factory to make a vaccine distribution centre now considering what has come to light in the last few days?

Ilovecheese Tue 30-Mar-21 10:10:26

Why would anyone take a four year old with them to set things in motion for a factory?
Will the factory benefit Dominic Cummings financially?
Or was it just a jolly day trip?

Blossoming Tue 30-Mar-21 10:11:01

Surely you didn’t believe the eye test story!

Sago Tue 30-Mar-21 10:11:12

GSK have had a large facility in BC for many years, the vaccine is produced in nearby Stockton so logistically this was a good move.

Septimia Tue 30-Mar-21 10:33:53

Probably too long a gap between Cummings visit to Barnard Castle and this announcement. Moreover, GSK's factory there is a satellite one - there are bigger and more important ones in other places. Any agreement would be negotiated with head office, surely.

Besides which, if Cummings was seen by the river as reported, he was a good distance from the GSK facility.

M0nica Tue 30-Mar-21 10:45:06

I think he was seen wandering around in the woodland and admiring the view. he was sighted by several people quite independently.

Oh, just read Septimia's post, she has already pointed this out.

More generally just because some one visits a beauty spot, a shop or relations near some facility that could be of interest to him does not automatically mean that they are up to some nefarious subterfuge. they may indeed just be visitng a beauty spot, shop or want to see their relations.

I am particularly suspicious, when the proximity and suggested link isn't suggested until months later.

EllanVannin Tue 30-Mar-21 10:50:14

Doesn't anyone earn an honest crust nowadays without an ulterior motive ? It was once said that rogues never prosper, but they jolly well do in this day and age.

Smileless2012 Tue 30-Mar-21 10:55:18

I don't believe it was for an eye test or had anything to do with a factory. If it had been, that would have been more plausible than expecting anyone to believe he was testing his eye sight.

Polarbear2 Tue 30-Mar-21 10:57:31

My answer would be a resounding yes! He’s an unprintable word.

mokryna Tue 30-Mar-21 12:48:27

It was said at the time that there were so many family connections with the vaccine that it made me wonder.