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Are they Crazy?

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Newatthis Tue 30-Mar-21 11:46:57

Protesters stage mask free shopping trip in Tesco. Are they crazy? After all we have all been through and finally there is a chink of light in the dark tunnel, clearly there are some who want to prolong this.

Lucca Tue 30-Mar-21 11:51:17

My reaction is unprintable

Hithere Tue 30-Mar-21 11:56:28

Crazy is a relative term.

I know people who still deny the severy of covid and we are al exaggerating

YorkLady Tue 30-Mar-21 12:12:45

It is still illegal to enter a shop without a face covering.. hope the Police investigate and take action!

Redhead56 Tue 30-Mar-21 12:23:31

We are just beginning to light at the end of this torturous tunnel and people do this? Brain dead dxxxxheads

Redhead56 Tue 30-Mar-21 12:24:13

to see light

JaneJudge Tue 30-Mar-21 12:26:56

Look at them all laughing and joking confused

I think in light of the coronavirus act and how it has impacted on people with disabilities, automatic DNR being put on people with learning disabilities, shielding for those with severe illness and the threat of not being hospitalised if you fall into a marginal group as you would require too much care. IF value judgements are being made such as this, these people in the video who have the arrogance and audacity to put others at risk, especially shop workers who have worked throughout, should they be admitted to hospital if they catch covid? Should they get preference of a ventilator over someone with an underlying health condition?

A lot of exempt people are still managing to wear masks, if you can wear one wear one, if you cannot - then I understand too.

Mamardoit Tue 30-Mar-21 12:39:08

Community service cleaning on a covid ward or wheeling trollies to the mortuary should be organised for anyone 'protesting in this way.' And a fine too of course.

poshpaws Tue 30-Mar-21 12:46:00

It's very unChristian of me, and I do TRY to be a good person, but after holding my beloved husband's hand as he died horribly from Covid-19 last May, I find I can only wish that each and every one of these utterly selfish, irresponsible covidiots also dies horribly from the disease that so many of us have suffered from and sacrificed for.

Blinko Tue 30-Mar-21 12:47:28

So sorry, Poshpaws. Heartbreaking for you flowers

Redhead56 Tue 30-Mar-21 12:49:11

Poshpaws very sorry for your loss💐

BlueBelle Tue 30-Mar-21 12:58:32

Strange how the police can pull women to the floor during a peaceful (originally) protest and do nothing apparently about this !! Beggars belief

emmasnan Tue 30-Mar-21 13:13:06

So sorry for your loss Poshpaws. I was so angry to see this and I can only imagine how you feel.

hulahoop Tue 30-Mar-21 13:32:49

Poshpaws this sort of this must make your blood boil.