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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 31-Mar-21 15:19:46

Good Evening Wednesday
Well! I’m overwhelmed! Thank you all for your Good Wishes. I think I’ll have to change my name to Rip Van Rufus! grin
I had an early night last night and hit the hay at 11.30pm and didn’t wake until 9.30am today and even then had another hour after cancelling the automatic home-care alarm.
Like they say, you can’t beat being in your own bed for comfort!
Mind you, I didn’t have the typical background noises of trollies being wheeled in for blood pressure tests at 5.00am, out of bed for a standing BP, again at 6.00am for a weighing and finally being hooked up via a canula for a 45 min drip session!. The first of 3 for the day! Happy days!

Megs/Callistemon Yes! I’ve long thought that the “no comment” guideline is silly and should be put to a vote; after all GreatNan had many obituaries posted and which are still on file.

My UK “trip” was a bit of a furphy because whilst sorting stuff to take I was reminded of various posters having a go at the NHS and thought I could be denied re-entry to OZ if Bournemouth should become a “Covid hotspot”.
As for being banned (again), I’ve acquired a bumper book of (intelligent) jokes during my absence, although I may have to do some editing first in case someone accuses me of demeaning again! grin

Jaxjacky Fancy, The Saints reaching the FA Cup Semi! How did they manage that?
Don’t think we’ll get to see that, but all eyes on City of course; their Leicester game should be worth a look.

Ellen V Yes thanks; I’m feeling better and now wondering what you fed to the Gents in the 50’s and 60’s if not Guiness and Sherry!?
Mention of the Mersey reminded me I was meaning to ask how you were going with your sea-gulls!?
My friendly Maggies were soon back on our patio again to-day, obviously sensing breakfast was being served again. They’ve become so faithful compared to two years ago when it seemed like they’d dumped me, but you re-assured me that they would return and so they did with a couple of chicks! smile

Walking? What’s that? Sorry to hear of your difficulties. You and me, both! hmm
Ever since our Jessie died 5 years ago I’ve missed the enjoyment of “walkies” which was a great incentive to get out there and move. Nowadays it’s just me and Freda!

Oh Dear! It’s now April Fools Day here, so time to disappear. our weather is slipping forward to Summer mode; 29C today and 30C tomorrow, but don’t ask about Sunday!

Good Health wine wine wine

mrshat Wed 31-Mar-21 20:52:12

Welcome back!

Jaxjacky Wed 31-Mar-21 21:54:58

Hi Rufus, yes, well done Saints, but the league is ever so slightly important too!
Still top of my local Super6 league, expect to get toppled after every round, plenty of time yet. I had a fun four days watching Cheltenham while you were off on bed about, I’d allowed myself £20 of ‘play’ and ended up with £36.60. Not bad for my 25p e/w and the odd 50p here and there, lots of afternoon entertainment, Grand National next. Our brief warm spell starts disappearing tomorrow, as you were British weather.
Take care 🥂