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Good Evening Good Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 02-Apr-21 13:46:24

Good Evening Good Friesday.

Loyally observed our traditional “Fish on Friday” lunch today,, supplemented with chips, fried Dim Sim and fried potato cake, even though the temp. reached 32C, 12C above average and the hottest Good Friday since 1935, if I heard her right.
This Mancunian is a stickler for tradition, although our Easter Eggs remain untouched in the frig! Simply opening the door might cause them to collapse, but Easter Monday will be 21C, so it will be an egg-fest Monday; no hiding them in the garden, even if snails are cowering in their shells in the shrubberies trying to keep their cool.!

Think I”ve caught up with sleep deprivation now; three nights in a row since leaving hosp. of 10 hours of motionless, painless sleep, only broken this morning by an unexpected telephone call at from the District Nurse asking if she could come early to refresh dressings, seeing as how it’s a Public Holiday and her parents were arriving from Adelaide. That woke me up! hmm

Very quiet out there on my way to the Chish and Frippery with Freda. Traffic well down of course and hardly any “foot-traffic” as pedestrians are called these days; probably due to a combination of heat and most shops being shut for the Public Holiday.

Our Neil and Brisbane branch phoned Easter greetings earlier; they know me as a stick-in-the mud, refusing to use gizmos such as i-pads, lap-tops’ iphones and the like!
They have just come out of yet another 5 day lockdown (in time for Easter!) and Neil laughed at the rush of traffic heading out one minute after midnight “to beat the traffic”, only to create a really big traffic jam of their own.
His family are holidaying at home because of uncertain wet weather; in Brisbane of all places! One up for Melbourne! grin

Michael P. is now beginning to irritate me with his exclusive one-on-one priviliged tours; less about the railways and more about him feeding his face on local delicacies, some of which he’s tried to make or trying his hand at crafts that have taken locals years to perfect.

Tony Robinson is now trudging through Scottish borders. Never having been there, didn’t realise there was so much countryside! hmm

Nothing much Covid-wise that you need to know; the usual blame games continue between Federal and State experts, this time about the slow roll-out of vaccines.
Think I have to wait another 10 years, so that will be at least the 5th. variant!. confused

Hoping my 10 hour sleep mode doesn’t become permanent just yet, but what a nice way to shuffle off the coil. grin

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Fri 02-Apr-21 16:16:18

Hello Rufus you sound well on form again😁
10 hours sleep Amazing, not that I ever have much problem sleeping, except this morning when the cat jumped on my head at 5 am,
We’ve both had our 2nd vaccinations now and my husband and many others released from shielding yesterday, should be totally end of lockdown June 22nd, with gradual changes in between, at present Rule of 6 again ,only meet in the open though, hope it warms up a bit, family coming on Sunday but won’t come indoors.
Hope you enjoyed your Fish on Friday especially GOOD Friday.
Grandson should be getting married in July ( postponed from June last year) so everything crossed .
Keep well
Cheers. 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

Jaxjacky Fri 02-Apr-21 16:42:54

Hi Rufus, I had 8 hours uninterrupted sleep last night, that’ll do. Must have been the fresh air of garden sitting with friends and driving all of 40 odd miles, I’ve done just over 600 now in 6 months. Sunny, but cold here, not pleasant sitting out for too long, no eggs for me as I don’t like chocolate, but I’ve had a hot cross bun. Quiet weekend, allotment tomorrow filling a raised bed with bags of soil and hopefully some football to watch.
Take care 🥂

rafichagran Fri 02-Apr-21 18:30:02

Hi Rufus,it has been Sunny here too in South East London. Was awake until 2.15 this morning. So a bit tired at the moment. For some reason I keep thinking today is Saturday.
Nice to see you back.

Aveline Fri 02-Apr-21 18:41:07

Hi Rufus2. Sunny but cool here today. Suits me. Since the clocks went forward I've been waking earlier which is annoying. Makes for an even longer boring day. Oh well.
Joined a U3A TV critics group. We're sent a list of progs on a theme to watch then zoom session to discuss them. It's interesting hearing others views. Last week's theme was travel and there was a train trip but I gave up on it as it was so boring. Not an MP one though.