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Books for 5 yer olds.

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Berylsgranny Sat 03-Apr-21 08:47:11

Just wondered if there were any recommendations for books for 5 year olds please?

Lucca Sat 03-Apr-21 08:50:44

To read to her or for her to read herself ?

Lucca Sat 03-Apr-21 08:51:31

To read to her/him, pretty much any of Julia Donaldson’s books,

Lucca Sat 03-Apr-21 08:51:58

Also the Oi Frog series

Marydoll Sat 03-Apr-21 08:56:40

I have just bought The Invisible String for my five year old DGD. It was recommended by a poster on the GM thread.

Try the Works, usually a bargain to be had.

Greyduster Sat 03-Apr-21 09:03:46

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and the Mog series by Judith Kerr, and the Katie Morag books. As Lucca said, pretty much all the Julia Donaldson books were favourites here, and The Man on the Moon series by Simon Bartram.

midgey Sat 03-Apr-21 09:23:16

The series about Aliens who love underpants is a lot of fun.

Galaxy Sat 03-Apr-21 09:25:35

Julie Donaldson and the little bear series, cant you sleep little bear.
Goodnight little monster is good fun.

JulieNoted Sat 03-Apr-21 09:41:01

At age 5 you could start reading her/him longer books, a chapter each night. Roald Dahl and David Walliams are usually firm favourites. Also Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair series - my granddaughter loved these.

Grannynannywanny Sat 03-Apr-21 09:45:28

My youngest gc is 6 and loves all the Julia Donaldson books. Also The Wonky Donkey is still a firm favourite.

Another book all of my grandchildren loved was What! Cried Granny! by Kate Lum. A very funny book with great illustrations about a little boy’s first sleepover at his Gran’s.

Berylsgranny Sat 03-Apr-21 10:02:03

Thank you all. I can see I shall be browsing all day looking for books smile great start - thanks.

Greyduster Sat 03-Apr-21 10:19:41

If you are reading to him, you might want to include Aesop’s Fables too. They are quite engaging stories with a bit of a moral attached. And when he’s a bit older, the Usborne book of Greek Myths and Legends.

TerriBull Sat 03-Apr-21 11:15:11

For my grandchildren, Julia Donaldson books, wonderful stories, superbly illustrated by Axel Scheffer. In particular their favourites were the two Gruffalo ones, Room on the Broom and Stick Man.

Shirley Hughes, Alfie and Dogger books, loved reading those to my own children. Again beautifully illustrated. Mine also loved Roald Dahl's The Minpins around aged 5. My granddaughter, like me, loved Alice in Wonderland. My great favourites at that sort of age was The Faraway Tree and from what I read many of us still have fond memories of those stories.

lemsip Sat 03-Apr-21 11:40:04

My grandchildren are grown up now but, I used to read enid blyton's The Wishing Chair and Mr Twiddle stories to them...... These are to read to children putting emphasise into them. Mr twiddle mishears his wife and does lots of funny things causing lots of laughter. The wishing chair, children sat on it and wings appeared and they flew off on an adventure. all still available.....

Litterpicker Mon 05-Apr-21 19:54:40

Booktrust have an online tool to help find books for different ages!?cat=2569,71808,71809,2572,71806&sortOption=Relevance&pageNo=5&pageSize=8