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Good Evening Easter Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 04-Apr-21 14:39:42

Good Evening After a glorious Easter Sunday. and lunch provided courtesy of my lovely neighbour Jan, she with 6 daughters etc. etc.
There were only 17 family members this year, but they managed to cut me some roast beef and loads of veggies including cauliflower topped with a creamy sauce. ! could have been quite happy to have had the whole cauli,, but one of her grandsons had come across the road with a home delivery so it would have been rather a bad look to have asked for more!

It’s funny how some days turn out! After resting after lunch I went out for some fresh air and after 30 minutes I actually met one person also out for the same reason with it being such a lovely day; 27C and dry!
“Lovely Linda” We had a most enjoyable chat about this and that as you do when given the chance!. She’s a Kiwi Widow and explained a few things about earthquakes which I never knew, such as cats and dogs forewarning 10 minutes ahead of a ‘Quake.
She’s also into quilting scarves and the like and with my bare knees beginning to feel the evening breeze I put in an order for a blanket! In your dreams Rufus!

Poor Queenslanders are having a real belting with the weather,, now being asked not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

District Nurse coming again tomorrow for dressing renewal. That’s what you’d call service; Good Friday and now Easter Monday!

We had another railway prog on TV last evening; not an MP for a change, but one of a series of “The most beautiful railways in the world’ this time down the East Coast of Scotland to Edinburgh. Very spectacular!

Makes for an even longer boring day. Oh well
Aveline Nice to hear from you, but you seem to be down in the dumps, or (hopefully) can I be wrong? We can’t have that! hmm
I’ll be happy to chat about anything. A few clues as to where you are would start the ball rolling such as, are you North or South of Hadrian’s Wall, East or West of the Pennines; you can’t be on the Cornish Riviera because nobody could feel miserable there.
I only ask because we are familiar with many areas after living in the UK for nearly 50 years and interested in what’s going on up there; not Covid
though, as we get fed enough of that on TV.
Anyway, just a thought! smile
Must have a comfort stop.

Jaxjacky Just checked; City beat Leicester 2-0
What can I say other than I’ll be watching the replay tomorrow’ smile
Talking allotments! Does that Fred or Harold (?) still run that TV series from his allotment shed.? Very entertaining, but I can’t seem to find it again

Rufus (OK everyone know it’s not night time) you’re not
supposed to ask about fear of being banned
Megs Not sure what you mean about night time because we are now grappling with putting our clocks back last night!. Yours or ours?
Fear not about being banned if you don’t mention names, although I think it’s a silly imposition.
Only natural to ask about a non-appearance of a regular poster; A reply or even a non-reply should be all that’s necessary to avoid further questioning.
My invitation to have a jab is receding faster than the expanding universe.
Who cares?
Good Health Every One wine wine wine
Enjoy your Duck eggs or whatever for breakfast! hmm
Happy Easter

Aveline Sun 04-Apr-21 15:35:04

Sorry Rufus2. Don't mean to be a misery guts. I do seem to have one or two things to look forward to but right now it's Blursday after Blursday. We've a couple of staycations booked for later in the year. And birthday lunch for grandson tomorrow. So looking forward to that even though it will be outside with high winds and snow forecast! Son in law is a BBQ fanatic so the food will be great but the company will be even better. So lovely to see them all again.

rafichagran Sun 04-Apr-21 17:41:36

Hiya Rufus,
Had a lovely Easter Sunday, daughter and Grandson are with me.
Lovely weather, lovely day and the sun is out.

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Apr-21 17:51:24

Hi Rufus, don’t recall a man with his shed, we have Beechcraft, just started again, they grow lots of veg. Saints won! Flipping good game actually, takes us a wee bit further to safety. Had a man start building my greenhouse this morning, he’ll finish on Tuesday, exciting. We get the arctic breeze tomorrow, -4 Monday night, bit chilly for outdoor stuff, I’m sure there’ll be more sport on the square thing.
Take care 🥂