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Good Evening Easter Monday!

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Rufus2 Mon 05-Apr-21 15:17:08

Hello everyone ! Hope you all had a Holy Easter Sunday.
We've had a lovely day and cooler evenings are becoming the norm as well as darker
Not much to report this evening. No chocolate bunnies or bilbeys, although I did find a rather elderly box of dark and white chocolates. (ALDI)
Unfortunately they turned to dust when opened so I'll have to work them away in some ice-cream
The licorice one is still intact, sitting by the TV. hmm

don’t recall a man with his shed
There's a message elsewhere relating a correlation between physical activity and memory retention! It might be worth a look!
I've just recalled what I was after,
"Dave and his Shed'

Nil Desparundum Carburundum

Must catch up with some sleep!
Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Mon 05-Apr-21 15:37:20

Just back from DGS's birthday lunch in the garden. It was freeeeeezing❄️❄️❄️! Lovely burgers and bubbles and a lurid birthday cake. I turned down the kind offer of a go on the bouncy castle. It was good fun but nice to be back home out of the icy wind.

Jaxjacky Mon 05-Apr-21 15:53:29

Hi Rufus, might have found it, Dave’s allotment? He has a shed, or there’s Dean’s lost the plot, it’s kept me quiet for a while looking and watching. We’ve had a sleet shower, good grief! No chocolate, but another hot x bun, toasted for a change. Been for a chilly walk walk, now in, man will be here tomorrow to finish building the greenhouse, husband will be off to work.
Take care 🥂

Megs36 Mon 05-Apr-21 16:43:59

Hi Rufus, very chilly day today and SNOW but not settling thank goodness. Lovely yesterday, able to see family in garden for a while. Had a bad day today , posted in Good Morning by mistake. Cat not well, not sure of problem, among other things.

Your ALDI chocs sound odd, hope you reconstituted them😀
Got quite a bit of chocolate here, will make the effort.....
Family brought hot cross buns Marks and Spencer’s but can take or leave them, am I getting too fussy 🙄.

rafichagran Mon 05-Apr-21 18:06:55

Evening Rufus, a pleasant day weather wise for me. Just had a lazy day.