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Insomnia (again)

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watermeadow Wed 07-Apr-21 05:38:03

This is a recurring topic here and it’s very common among old people. I’ve never had any problem falling asleep but my normal early rising has escalated and I’m currently getting up at about 4 every morning.
It doesn’t worry me, I can nap later, but what is there to do for 4 hours before the rest of the world wakes up? Life in lockdown is boring anyway and I don’t want to start the usual humdrum reading and iPadding which I did all evening.
I’m wide awake but can’t take the dog out or Hoover the floor.

Kim19 Wed 07-Apr-21 06:06:17

Yes, I'm an iffy sleeper too. However, I wouldn't dream of rising in the wee small hours. I'm much too comfy and cosy lying here with my thoughts. I do sometimes resort to the iPad (like now) or a book but generally live with the situation quite happily. I do get up sharpish come May/June time when the weather tends to be more accommodating and I can get out into the garden where there's just me and the birds. There's a night owls section on GN which welcomes poor sleepers but that, of course, means ipadding.

Bicycle1 Wed 07-Apr-21 08:21:23

Hi there I had terrible insomnia ie as above thos is what has worked for me
Cut out all caffeine after 11 am
Go to bed at same time ie 1130, rise at 730/800 set alarm
Breathing exercises in bed
This works sleep spray
Dormesan drops (Vogel ) herbal remedy
I occasionally have poor night but I would say cutting out caffeine was a game changer

Bicycle1 Wed 07-Apr-21 08:23:01

Ps I do this routinely every nite after researching poor sleep 😊

BlueBelle Wed 07-Apr-21 08:48:29

I m usually awake at 4, but oh no I wouldn’t get up, I play word games, listen to the radio, do a sudoku (online) and invariable because I m not worrying about it i nod off for another hour or so
It’s because you see it as a problem that it becomes one snuggle down, listen to or do something to take your mind off sleep and it will invariable happen It s because you are thinking of it as a problem as to why it’s happening

Septimia Wed 07-Apr-21 08:56:26

Is there a reason why you can't take the dog out? I'd be out like a shot as soon as it started to get light - best part of the day, watching the sun come up (assuming it's not raining or snowing as it has been here). One year I went out for a walk on my own to watch the sunrise on Midsummer's Day.

It's a good time for watching the birds and listening to the dawn chorus, even in towns.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 07-Apr-21 09:00:58

I might get up at 4 am but I never, ever nap during the day, if I started that then I would never sleep in bed at night.

PS I don’t class myself as old! Older maybe and with different sleep patterns during the Pandemic months.

shysal Wed 07-Apr-21 09:13:23

I get off to sleep fairly quickly when I go to bed at around 11.30, then wake any time from 2.30. I used to make myself stay in bed just relaxing until 5, but these days I get up at 4.30ish. I agree that there is nothing much to do at that time that won't wake the neighbours. I therefore have a long bath where I read, daydream and sometimes nap. After this I go for a walk. I will sometimes doze after lunch, but generally don't feel deprived of sleep. I just accept it as normal for me.

watermeadow Wed 07-Apr-21 10:28:25

I can’t stay in bed once I’m awake. It’s not a problem, I just need quiet occupations until the neighbours are stirring.
I’m scared to walk the dog alone now, when there’s nobody about, because of dog thefts.

Septimia Wed 07-Apr-21 11:34:36

That's understandable watermeadow, but you said it yourself - 'when there's nobody about'. So presumably the dog thieves aren't about either. I think I'd be cautious about my route, though, if it was me.

The answer, perhaps, is in taking up a quiet hobby that you confine to the early mornings. Yoga? Some sort of craft? Baking (without noisy machines, of course!) ? An online course?