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New Royal Yacht in honour of Prince Philip

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Esspee Wed 14-Apr-21 09:14:19

If Boris Johnson is seriously considering approving the building of a new Royal Yacht at £190 million in honour of Prince Philip I believe he is completely out of touch with the people.
By all means name a ship after him but a new Royal Yacht?
What do you think?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:17:58

I suspect the palace will put a stop to it. They know which side of their bread is buttered.

Anniebach Wed 14-Apr-21 09:19:53

A stupid idea by some MP’s, and it has not been reported that
Boris is considering it.

Alegrias1 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:21:21

To be fair to Johnson (no, really....) what I read was that he is being "urged" to build a new Royal yacht to honour Prince Phillip, so it could be another invented story to whip up the masses. Daft idea.

I think naming a new RN ship after him is a good idea, but I don't think we've got many new big ships on the horizon any more, thank goodness.

eazybee Wed 14-Apr-21 09:24:46

No. Ridiculous idea.

Esspee Wed 14-Apr-21 09:38:47

I would hazard a guess that whoever is lobbying for this has a vested interest in it being built.

Rosie51 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:46:57

It will never get off the ground, a ridiculous idea. Charles is said to want a slimmed down RF going forward, a new horrendously expensive yacht doesn't seem a good fit with that ethos.

lemongrove Wed 14-Apr-21 09:49:14

Exactly Rosie51 and I doubt that Johnson would agree to it, apart from the Palace.

Blossoming Wed 14-Apr-21 10:37:28

Is this a windup?

Kim19 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:41:10

If there's any money going spare I would further honour Prince Phillip by investing more in his award scheme.

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 10:41:51


I would hazard a guess that whoever is lobbying for this has a vested interest in it being built.

Hancock branching out into shipbuilding is he ? Or he has a mate who has 😂

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 10:42:46

Isn’t it the usual suspects on the Tory back benches?

Parsley3 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:55:17

The Queen cried when the Britannia was decommissioned so let’s put forward the idea to build a new Royal yacht to honour her husband now that she is a widow.
I do hope that this is fake news but either way it is just cruel.

annsixty Wed 14-Apr-21 11:29:12

For whom?

EllanVannin Wed 14-Apr-21 11:36:55

What's wrong with a park bench ?

grannylyn65 Wed 14-Apr-21 11:39:52

Park bench my arse

EllanVannin Wed 14-Apr-21 11:47:43

So ? What's wrong with a park bench,grannylyn ? In every park, with a plaque on it commemorating him. A lot cheaper than a yacht !

3nanny6 Wed 14-Apr-21 13:10:48

Why build a yacht? Those days have gone when they had those huge cruise ships for Queen Elizabeth. In fact where did those ships go or am I thinking of something else.

Namsnanny Wed 14-Apr-21 13:16:09

Is that a choice grannylyn65?grin

Purplepixie Wed 14-Apr-21 13:18:31

Is this an April Fool’s day prank? The royal family would never waste this amount of money, especially now, would they? I think it is another Boris bonkers idea. He’s a twit!

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 13:30:26

Link to the Tatler so it must be true

Daisend1 Wed 14-Apr-21 13:42:50

Times will change when Charles becomes king so better get the 'skates on' if there is to be Brittania 11.