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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 14-Apr-21 14:27:57

Good Evening Wednesday!
“Life gets tasteless, don’t it? That was another match not worth viewing but then I heard Leeds did it with only 10men, so I’ll have to look and find out how they did it.

More sad news; have finally said farewell to my faithful car having decided I will no longer drive it Son Ian is using it for a few months while he looks for a new one and hispresent one goes to Grandson! At least it’s gone to a good home after 12 months of idleness.
Not sure what my next vehicle will be, Rolls or Daimler! hmm

But now it’s only Freda and myself so with an empty double garage now available we can indulge in “do-nuts” and whatever! grin

Megs We seem to have similar lifestyles! Perhaps we can share notes one day because I”m sure you’ll be fascinated by “Doppler electro cardiograms” and lessons on how to get up off the floor with 2 bleeding knees!
Blood thinners don’t help, leaving every where that received a thump looking like the work of a mad tattooist

Would you believe I ‘just found 2 more of those small ultrasound connectors; they obviously lost count of how many they attached; should have been 10 I think.

The physio tomorrow might have some ideas

rafiichagran You seem to be a busy person compared to my bone-idle existence! although I must admit I’m all for retirement! That’s my only skill these days!

Problems with our vaccine “roll-out still continue.

Oh1 Some excitement yesterday! A woman came out of the pizza shop next door to our chish and fips shop ”to find her car being hi-jacked, by two young low-lifes.
She retaliated and was dragged along the road for about 20metres. She suffered cuts and bruises of course. The police have a 19 year old in custody so you’d think they’ll catch up with his mate very soon.

Nobody will want to hi-jack Freda next time we visit the Chish and Fips shop,I hope, although some elderly pensioner might have a go! shock

Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Wed 14-Apr-21 14:43:10

Oh dear Rufus sounds like you live in a dodgy neighbourhood. Maybe you could have left your car enticingly outside and it could be nicked. Then you could claim it back on the insurance? Best not though. Gosh that poor woman though.
What's the delay with your vaccine rollout? I wish people wouldn't bother reading about the minute chances of side effects and have it regardless. Its more dangerous crossing the road.
We're still waiting for our second doses. Should be soon.
Anyway, stay safe. No dancing round that garage!

Callistemon Wed 14-Apr-21 14:57:09

Hello Rufus, haven't seen you around lately so I'm glad to hear you're all right. It's a bit of a wrench to realise you can't drive any more, though. That poor woman - those two are low life indeed.

I hear that Queensland is coming out of lockdown and easing restrictions - as someone put on FB today "oh good, I can invite 99 people over to mine for coffee!"

Hope you get your second dose soon

Rufus2 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:54:21

Hope you get your second dose soon
^Callistemon Nice to hear from you again Hope you are keeping well.
I'm always here! "Don't get around much anymore" except to the Chemist, Doctor, Chish and Fips shop , groceries/bottle shop all in the one strip where that hi-jacking occurred

Not too worried about no car not having driven it for over 12 months; Freda takes care of those trips. Don't need L-Plates any more. grin
I'll keep my licence if I can because it asks like a passport into other activities!
I don't think the Brisbane branch of our family will be aiming to get 99 "guests" Nine might be tops for Tianne!
Fortunately they escaped the worst of all those storm cells recently.
Btw; Second dose!? Haven't had the first one yet! It's a slow measured roll-out! hmm

Jaxjacky Wed 14-Apr-21 16:56:13

Hi Rufus, good job the car jacked victim wasn’t on blood thinners then! Nasty tow rags. I think Leeds confused City, they just attack all time, they’re also young and quick. I expect Freda is happy to be on pole position, I’d consider, if you were to venture into the car world again a RR Corniche convertible would suit, summer only of course. Allotment needs a water, the few spits of rain here do nothing at all but smear the dust on the car windscreen.
Chish and Fips here tonight.
Take care 🥂

Callistemon Wed 14-Apr-21 17:52:55

Btw; Second dose!? Haven't had the first one yet! It's a slow measured roll-out!

It is a slow roll-out! I thought the Victorian Oldies would have had at least their first dose.
Friends in Queensland have just had their first ones, I believe and are fine.

rafichagran Wed 14-Apr-21 18:44:39

Hi Rufus your car seems to be getting good use.