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Musings on our posties.

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Nandalot Wed 28-Apr-21 14:49:58

Just that really. Drove past a postlady and a postman both wearing shorts on this rather chilly morning. Around here, it seems to be a badge of honour that the posties wear shorts whatever the weather. Is this the same in other areas?
The other thing that bemuses me is that in our small village, about 250 houses approximately, our post is delivered by three different vans! That's not counting the parcel deliveries. How can it make sense to have three different vans all delivering in the same area?

EkwaNimitee Wed 28-Apr-21 15:17:04

It was certainly the same in Whitehaven where I recently lived. You rarely rarely saw the posties in trousers. Indeed, Whitehaven Man, not just the posties, can be seen wearing shorts 365 days of the year. In atrocious winter weather, I would make a point of looking out for them and one December, with snow on the ground, I did indeed spot one. Relatives tell me it’s the same in Surrey and Nottingham.
Look at the Scottish Highlands too, the guys up there invented the kilt in spite of their more severe winter weather (and midges!) We women have more sense, don’t we?!
As for the several vans, I understand the Royal Mail are big on parcel delivery now, they don’t all deliver letters.

SueDonim Wed 28-Apr-21 15:21:27

I’m in NE Scotland and some posties here wear shorts too! Though our own postie, whom we’ve had for more than twenty years, doesn’t wear shorts himself. He probably knows more about my family than anyone else, with all the stuff he’s brought over the years. grin

BlueBelle Wed 28-Apr-21 15:33:35

East coast and yes posties often wear shorts but so do menin the street I understand not why? A chap in his 70 s came in the charity shop today in his shorts and I can assure you it’s a cold east wind a blowing Some men wear them all year round and for the life of me I can’t imagine why !!!

tanith Wed 28-Apr-21 15:37:03

Our posties do wear shorts including the ladies. My Nextdoor neighbour also wears shorts all the time too as does my GS they are both in the building trade.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 28-Apr-21 15:57:35

Ours wears his shorts all year round, our temp. lady postie wears trousers

Cherrytree59 Wed 28-Apr-21 16:07:43

We have had the same postie for over 21 years, he says that he would rather do his round with wet legs than wet trousers.

He is 72 and wears shorts all year round even in the snow.

When he's not posting letters, he he can often be found in his builder's shorts doing building work around the village.

muse Wed 28-Apr-21 16:10:31

Many Cornish men of a certain age (40+) wear shorts all year round. Oddly though, when I do see the postie - he's never in them.

kittylester Wed 28-Apr-21 16:14:07

Until recently our postie was the lovely Linda who wore shorts all year too. Our currentpostie John,who is equally lovely, has never, to my knowledge been seen in shorts.

BlueBelle Wed 28-Apr-21 16:34:07

Yesterday I went past an elderly man doing some do-it -yourself outside his terraced house which sits straight on the pavement no front garden My guess would put him in his early 70 s The wind was blowing, the sun was out, and the temperature was 10* he was not in shorts but he had his shirt off completely bare chested What is it with men ?

grumppa Wed 28-Apr-21 16:45:00

Men are human beings, so a proportion of them are bonkers. Whether that proportion is greater or less than in the case of women I would not dare to guess.

Posties in shorts seem to be everywhere these days. Are aggressive dogs attracted by flapping trouser bottoms?

grandMattie Wed 28-Apr-21 16:50:42

I asked my lovely postie why the shirts. She replied that if they get wet, they are much less uncomfortable than wet trousers!

Mapleleaf Wed 28-Apr-21 16:53:41

Our postie wears shorts. In the really cold weather, he often wears long, thick woolly socks, but otherwise, just the shorts. I, too, have heard that it’s easier to dry off legs than soggy trousers when out delivering the post.

Gannygangan Wed 28-Apr-21 17:01:05

I miss the bikes.

Alishka Fri 30-Apr-21 11:29:19


I asked my lovely postie why the shirts. She replied that if they get wet, they are much less uncomfortable than wet trousers!

And that's the reason!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:34:48

Yes, Our posties wear shorts the men and also the women, not yet though, our son also wears shorts in the building trade been wearing them for few weeks!

JaneJudge Fri 30-Apr-21 11:39:35

We have one who we call the super spreader as even during the lockdowns he was trying to get into the house, chatting away. The other one never smiles, is very anti social and I suspect he does a lone job because he doesn't like other people grin