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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 03-May-21 14:25:02

Hi! What are you all up to these days, and nights?
Hope you are all well and enjoying your Bank Holiday with Bank Holiday weather!
I’ve been busy with management meetings as part of my role as Cultural Attache; the powers that be want to cut this newsletter back to a weekly as part of a Covid induced economy downsize.
The National Debt hasn’t disappeared yet! sad

Somebody has some money, apparently! Big news!
The “Neighbour’s” house in Ramsay street has just sold for $1,600,000.
No doubt the purchaser, who’s never watched the programme, like me, plans to open it as a tourist attraction at $x per head to recoup his money. Good luck!

Mass Covid vaccination “hubs” finally opened for business today, this time including the elderly. TV News showed queues snaking along pavements with a 2hr wait in the open, fresh, air. I’d be afraid of dying with pneumonia before reaching the head of the queue!
It’s going to rain all day tomorrow so will be interesting.

Jaxjacky What disgraceful scenes at Old Trafford! City fans wouldn’t behave like that! I see the game with Liverpool has been postponed and I suspect a hidden agenda because if Liverpool beat United that will automatically give City the title and United fans wouldn’t want that!

Susan Calman was in Scotland again this evening on TV; well the programme was also about Susan, she loves to front the camera, but she’d put together an interesting varied prog, starting with Gretna Green,, visit to a tartan producer, and Border Collies putting on a fascinating sheep display.
This was all in the “Borders” territory of course (says he all knowing like, who’s only been to bonnie Scotland once only find the right-hand side was blanketed in Scotch mist!.
Her programme showed some terrific scenery; not a mist in sight.
Nostalgia also continued with “Secrets of the Tower” filmed just after 14 months “lockdown was lifted. Gave new meaning to the phrase ” locked up in the Tower”

Countdown is nearly over for May 24 when I become a Greatgrandad! Must learn how to spell that; it doesn’t look right1
I was annoyed with No.2 Son (who’ll be a Grandad!) telling me they know it’s a boy. I’m an old-fashioned git, but I was perfectly happy to wait until the day!

Our PM is copping it over his decision to ban flights from India. I’m with him on this when looking at the stats for deaths and all the open air cremations. Sounds harsh, but most chose to go there!

On a lighter note; Domestic air travel has become unbelievably cheap; $39 for Melbourne -Sydney!, but I won’t be going any time soon! sad

Might “see” you Chewsday!
Good Health wine wine wine,

cb1963 Mon 03-May-21 14:48:24

Just watching the Snooker. Selby leading 12 frames to 9

Megs36 Mon 03-May-21 15:21:19

Hello Rufus what a busy second life you lead😊 Is your great grandson going to be born in Oz or Devon? Whatever it’s lovely news in these strange times. I have two Great Granddogs. But hoping for the human kind in the next couple of years.
We had lovely family lunch (outdoors) yesterday to celebrate husbands and granddaughters birthdays. It was chilly but so good to see them.
Had call from Sydney , grandson there had just returned from weekend in Canberra, seems to be enjoying life down under, I wonder if he is there for ever.
I’m sure the flight t bans from India are wise, these decisions must be so hard to make, who’d want to be given the poison chalice of a prime minister anywhere these days .Good luck with the vaccination roll out, the whole organisation has been brilliant here despite the moaners ( you always get some who’ll find reasons to criticise)
Take care