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Good Evening Chewsday.

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Rufus2 Tue 04-May-21 14:16:08

Here we are again, but some not as happy as they could be, looking at other threads. Blame it on Covid or the weather or both1 grin
cb1963 Welcome and thanks for snooker news. I'm not familiar with current players; I see Mark Selby won 18-15 so I guess the best man won.
You set me off down memory lane via Wikipedia where there's memories galore.
The marvellous Aussie, Eddie Charlton, the Lindrums and of course "Whispering Ted Lowe" the commentator. It was like being in Church, absolute silence'
"Pot Black" was must see TV viewing; the game was ideal for TV.
I wonder if "High St' Halls are as common these days!? Probably not in face of indoor computer games.
Thanks for jogging my memory.

Megs You've got me worried "talking" about my second life confused
Not quite finished with the first yet, nor have I had my first jab either; visited GP last Friday for a couple of scrip renewals and the topic didn't come up; I forgot to mention it grin

How are your backyard BBQs going these days, now that "rules" are being relaxed, or are they?
It's difficult enough trying to keep up here especially with ^ six States doing it their way!
Are you getting much more time with family nowadays?
Forthcoming greatgrandson will be born in hospital here in Melbourne, unless something happens, only 3 weeks to go!
I doubt if he'll get my name unless it's buried in a string of others. "Alan" is about as "cool' as "Hilda", my mothers name, these days. hmm
And I'm sure he'll have more than one, unlike us where we all have just the one.
His mother is Irish, but I don't think "Paddy or "Seamus" will get a look in! Time will soon tell!

Poor "vaccinators" today queuing up for 40 minutes in the rain with umbrellas and freezing cold, in Melbourne at least; Sydney appeared to be a bit warmer. sad

Trying to breathe a bit of life back into the "Jokes" as an antidote for Covid induced doom and gloom; a bit like walking on eggshells. grin
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Tue 04-May-21 15:00:51

Hi Rufus, outdoor bbq’s, certainly later in the day are a bit scuppered by the unseasonable cold, last evening heavy rain and high winds. From May 17 indoor hospitality is allowed, that means our local opens 👏, rule of 6 outdoors scrapped, a % of fans allowed at venues and possibly holidays abroad. The holidays bit is the stickler.
Gave up watching the end of the snooker, bed was calling. City have their second leg v PSG tonight, Sky is showing Luton Town v Rotherham...
The greenhouse seedlings are coming along, slowly, nature takes her own time. 17th also means family/ friends indoors and we can, at last, hug ❤️ I’m expecting ‘babysitting’ requests to appear rapidly, GC’s are 13 and 8, so not babies.
Anyway, pleased, as always to hear from you.
Take care 🥂

Aveline Tue 04-May-21 15:17:16

Hi Rufus2 it's freezing here. There is snow forecast. Ridiculous. That'll teach me not to put my winter fleeces away.
We had our second vaccinations last Friday. Got the Pfizer one so expected side effects but nothing doing. Not sure whether to be glad or worry if they've had any effect. confused
In brighter news we've booked some long weekends away before I'm back in 'lockdown' recovering from hip replacement op. As I've been on a strict diet to get rid of excess flab before op I'm really looking forward to hotel breakfasts (and lunches and dinners and teas and scones...)

Rufus2 Tue 04-May-21 15:53:37

looking forward to hotel breakfasts (and lunches and dinners and teas and scones
Aveline Have you had your Hip OP??
I guess not if you are still looking forward to binge breakfasts..
No doubt you'll also enjoy toasted you-know-what with those breakfasts, or maybe not if you're convalescing on the Cornish Riviera! smile
Pasties forever! hmm
Good Health and Good Luck!

Aveline Tue 04-May-21 16:06:01

Hip op on 27th July. We're squeezing in these long weekends before then. Going North, West and South. Not far enough South for Cornish Pasties though.
Bacon, egg(s) sausage and mushrooms! Can hardly wait.

AmberSpyglass Tue 04-May-21 16:08:22

Rainy here in Scotland but I’m hoping it eases up a bit! Just taken a break from a mildly productive day for tea, biscuits and a dead Robin kindly provided by my cat.

AmberSpyglass Tue 04-May-21 16:36:24

...apparently we’re getting snow tomorrow.

AGAA4 Tue 04-May-21 16:44:02

Good to have my first meal at a restaurant for over a year. Outside for now. We did get a bit wet but worth it to see my family. My GS was 18 last month and has added another 2 inches to his 6ft 1" since I last saw him. He towers over me now.

Hope you get your jab soon Rufus.

grandmajet Tue 04-May-21 16:45:18

We had rain yesterday and this morning, but it’s looking fine for the rest of the week. Our vaccine queue is indoors and very fast moving, it has been quite impressive. It’s about time we did something impressive.
Gosh, a great grandson! We’re only on grandchildren, I must be very young!
I’m off for a walk round the grounds, er, garden, to see what, if anything, is growing after the recent rain.

Callistemon Tue 04-May-21 17:43:00

Winter weather here, Rufus, at least yesterday when we had rain and cold winds. Today has been sunnier apart from a hail storm about 10 minutes ago, so no BBQs in this neck of the woods just yet.
I realised I left the greenhouse door open yesterday but I think the seedlings have survived.

I'm sorry you haven't had your vaccine yet, what is keeping them? It would be better to get on with that and allow more freedom of movement.

I hope all goes well with the arrival of your DGGS - as for names, Rufus is quite popular here, our friends' DGS is Rufus.