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Anyone got private health pref Saga ?

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Clio51 Tue 04-May-21 15:31:15

I know they don’t do pre existing conditions
As I’ve been with them previously about 3 yrs ago but stopped it as I thought I wasn’t getting my money’s worth!

So thinking again now as I’m getting older and nhs is now busier than ever
Is there a waiting time before claiming ?
I can’t remember

M0nica Tue 04-May-21 16:13:00

I cannot answer your question, but just on the question of having health insurance. We had it for 10 years. paid them around £25,000 and made two claims for cataract ops. So when they doubled the cost when we hit 70. We decided to opt out.

Instead we opened a dedictaed BSoc account we call the health fund. we pay into that account each month our pre-70 health care payment. Nearly 10 years later the fund has reached more than £15,000 despite taking money out for a number of outpatients treatments. And when we go, any money left in the account is still ours, or rather our executors.