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Why? Profound question follows.🤪

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CafeAuLait Fri 07-May-21 12:35:33

The ideas of sacrifices and incarnations are in many religions.

felice Fri 07-May-21 12:31:58

Dee1012, I have asked that question on many occasions, I usually get hums and haws or outright 'you do not question God'.
One minister told me that Adam and Eve had more than 2 children, she was not amused when I pointed out that she was encouraging incest.
Still not had an explanation I am happy with !!!

Peasblossom Fri 07-May-21 12:22:59

Well some religions do believe that God, the creator, had many children.
Your query is just one construct in the search for the divine.

Dee1012 Fri 07-May-21 12:22:53

I can still recall being shouted at in school when asking "if God created Adam and Eve and they had two sons, Cain then kills Abel and goes away and gets married, who did he marry and where did they come from?"
Still waiting to know hmm

Niobe Fri 07-May-21 12:21:07

You want sense and logic in religion? 😂

Bluebellwould Fri 07-May-21 12:18:59

On another post someone says that God so loved us that he sent his only son to us.
My question is if God could make the world etc why did he not have more than one son?
That one son idea seems such a human construct.
Eagerly awaiting responses.