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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 07-May-21 15:01:38

You poor things! You all seem to be suffering from an attack of bad weather! hmm
Watched some citizens of Edinburgh being interviewed on TV about your election and everyone was rugged up to their eyeballs as if it was cold!
One can only hope some election fever warms things up a bit!
It is May, after all!
rafichagran You don't seem to be doing much better down there in London being drenched, or as the Scots would say, "dreiched"
At least you haven't had the "Snows of KiloManchester"
Good match result of course and I was captivated at seeing all that snow.
Funny the things you miss when you haven't got them anymore. sad

Jaxjacky You're the resident soccer expert, so here's a question!
Most of the media reports about the UEFA Cup Final show Man. City v Chelsea. i.e. Chelsea as the "Away" team.
Therefore, under the Comp. rules will Chelsea goals count double in the event of a draw?
When you mentioned taking your washing in I thought you were going to say to "thaw it out"
I remember even in Windsor bed sheets coming in off the line frozen stiff as boards, although that may not have been in May hmm.
Megs Thanks for the note about blood thinners; no knowing when I'll be asked1
Regarding Covid; They're having more problems up in Sydney/NSW. Apparently there's a "missing link" who can't be found , but is Covid +ve .
Made me think of our Over 80s Club yesterday where one of our exercises was throwing plastic balls , about 10 ins. diameter , around at each other while the 15 of us sat in a circle.
Afterwards, I thought I couldn't think of a better way of spreading Covid amongst us, knowing that some people can carry the virus and not show symptoms , plus we don't know each other's domestic situation, plus we looked like the dementia class! hmm
Anyway I felt obliged to mention my concerns even though it makes me look paranoid! sad

Aveline The Cornish Riviera must be looking the better bet for mini-breaks
I remember some hotels there with "a room with a view", more attractive than that one you showed us before!
Plus, ,you could satisfy your passion for Agatha, if she's your thing ! grin

Rain Saturday arvo will make a change; Mother's Day Sunday so it's to be hoped outdoor BBQ settings will have dried off by then!
I'm not sure if we are restricted to a maximum of 99 people indoors. Could be quite a soggy mass!
Good Health wine wine wine

Kim19 Fri 07-May-21 15:10:53

Think our elections may take a small hit because of the weather, Rufus. Saw a few golden oldies queuing outside the polling station in our current 'social spacing' and then some departing because they were too cold. Don't blame them. I did a postal vote which is much more convenient. Guess I'm just plain lazy.

Jaxjacky Fri 07-May-21 15:41:24

Hi Rufus, I’m no expert, but no, no priority on goals, i think and I’m hoping it will be at Wembley. I think City are shown first as they either a) qualified first or b) come first in the alphabet.
Re chucking balls at each other, just don’t stick your fingers up your nose or in your mouth until you’ve washed your hands! A good old hand wash still rules.
We have heavy rain tomorrow, hopefully last frost last night, but I keep saying that. No rain here when I went to vote at 07:45 yesterday.
Got to go and see a man about my allotment.
Take care 🥂

rafichagran Fri 07-May-21 17:08:18

Evening Rufus, hope you are keeping well.

Aveline Fri 07-May-21 17:25:56

Argh Rufus2 'Dreich' is an adjective. You can't get 'dreiched' but you can get 'drookit'. I'll need to get you an Aussie/Scottish dictionary!
Cold but sunny but pouring but sunny again but sleeting today. God knows what we should be wearing!
We won't be venturing as far south as the Cornish riviera on our minibreaks but we'll be returning to the town with the place with the awful view but to a different hotel. Fingers crossed for a better one next time.
Brunch out with the family on Sunday. 😋