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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 09-May-21 13:50:53

Not much to comment on tonight!
City lost to Chelsea! sad
All I can think of is that "Pep" has a cunning plan to lure Chelsea into thinking that City can't convert penalties so that they give them away freely then "Wham!", the trap slams shut.
Pep's no fool!

Sad TV doco this evening! Sorry we don't dwell on Covid much here, but it's a three part 1 hour account of Panda
emic 2020 and covers the situation in all affected countries starting with Wuhan then Russia, Iceland S. America, Bogota looks terrible, England; everywhere!
I watched the first 1 hour segment and now recording the other two being run in tandem.

Spoke with nephew in Bournemouth this evening and he explained how the wild weather, even there was affecting their game of bowls!
So! Sorry Aveline; I was going to recommend B'mouth and its many hotels with "rooms with a view", but maybe you're best off heading North, for your mini-breaks!

I still can't find the Daily cartoon thread; particularly to find a quick easy way of transferring cartoons from wherever!
Nobody makes jokes anymore, possibly because nobody is in joking mood anymore, but a Jokes thread does still exist, albeit having a rocky patch at the moment, but more about that later1 hmm

On a lighter note I was told yesterday that a gentleman was given a speeding ticket whilst riding his electric mobility scooter inside a shopping mall. Security police patrol inside, on foot of course! hmm
I don't know how much the fine cost him, but it was classified as dangerous speeding!
That doesn't quite match last year's incident when an elderly gent. escaped from a retirement village on his scooter and was caught driving along a busy motorway grin
You won't catch us doing that!

Good Health wine wine wine


Dogsmakemesmile Sun 09-May-21 13:56:53

Fantastic. I'm not late today. Sunshine and showers here. Some decluttering attempted. Tea planned in head. Bathroom cleaned. And general slobbing on sofa. Couple of cuddles with beloved dog. Popping into BBC news coverage every now and then of Scotland's election results. Thinking of ordering a cordless iron. Anyone have experience of one? Trying to stay away from Scandi detective series but fingers going towards iplayer. Sending best wishes to anyone who reads this.x

Aveline Sun 09-May-21 14:14:45

I hope you and Freda keep within the speed limit Rufus2! I'd hate to think of you in court. Still it would be a nice change of scene for you. Something to think about maybe?
Brunch out not a great success due to brattish DGSs. 🙁

Jaxjacky Sun 09-May-21 15:09:11

Hi Rufus, City will be re mustering for the UEFA final on the 29th, still no decision on where it will be played. Rats, seeing 29th written down we have friends here for a meal that day, must check kick off time....phew, not until 8pm, they’re coming at 2. We’re watching Villa v ManU, Villa 1 up, if they win City get the title today!
For daily cartoon thread: Forums, Chat then scroll down until you find it.
I must go and see how my seedlings are in the greenhouse, we’re up to 16/17 today, giddy heights.
Take care 🥂