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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 25-May-21 14:44:22

Just been reading The Domesday Book by William the Conqueror for a bit of light relief!
Never realised that "Rufus" was one of the earliest entries under "Surnames" grin

Just a few more notes, as everyone seems to be suffering "the old ennui!"
Melbourne's number of +ve Covid cases shot up to 9 today! No deaths.
Sudden mass attendances at testing centres with some people claiming on TV News of excessive waiting times of hours.
Aveline I've never been fond of TV dramas; that was Vera's specialty, who was compassion personified.
I now find enough drama on GN! grin

Yes! I like technical and historical docos.; such as those about Scotland, The Tower of London, currently showing.
My present read is all about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the "www" My word! He 's an intelligent man as evidenced by all the accolades he's acquire

Just finished watching City give the Toffees a 5-0 drubbing!.
Good to see and hear a real-life crowd, 10'000 of them at Etihad also giving Sergio Aguero a huge send-off and see him score a couple of goals. All Everton could do was turn up! grin

Rained all afternoon, which was good after days without and even gooder as the gardener had just finished mowing the lawns etc. etc.
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Tue 25-May-21 15:36:37

Hi Rufus, no rain today yet...we are supposed to be warming up a tad from Thursday, about time.
I know of two people of the ‘Covid is a hoax’ crowd who’ve had both their vaccinations, odd that!
Pep got manager of the season too, I came third in our local Super6 league, £70, thank you, we’ll now set up one for the Euro’s, a bit of extra entertainment.
Busy day tomorrow, allotment should be all dug over, man coming to place and put in garden plants whilst I swan off to lunch with two lady friends. Anyway, back my book club book, I have to finish it by Thursday 12:30 for a zoom meeting to discuss.
Take care 🥂

rafichagran Tue 25-May-21 17:18:34

Hello Rufus glad you enjoyed the game. I am with Vera, I love a good TV drama
As for the weather, I have not long got in from work. I was really cold today, especially at lunch time. Did not stop me going to the cafe and having a lovely fry up. Unhealthy but lovely.
Take care

Aveline Tue 25-May-21 17:20:46

Cold and wet here all day Rufus2. Pretty miserable day all round. Lunch out yesterday was pretty disastrous. Got soaked going from the car to the restaurant then we didn't get the table with a view requested a week ago then the food wasn't great. Oh dear.
I wouldn't want you to think I went from meal to meal but my nice neighbour has asked me for lunch to her club on Friday. It's a very posh place so my immediate thought was, 'What will I wear?'. She's great company though and I'm sure we'll have a good time.
Our covid numbers are creeping up. Very frustrating to hear that half the vaccination appointments in Glasgow weren't kept at the weekend. How can we ever get out of this if we don't all do our small bit?

Megs36 Tue 25-May-21 19:07:03

Hello * Rufus* Numbers rising of Indian variant.😜 worried that visit of family not seen since August may be curtailed. Because they are near one of the areas advised not to leave or travel from. Also another member of family gotBIG birthday next week, hoping it won’t come to cancellations all round, so depressing, only good thingweather forecast is good , looks like rain is going away, wettestMay in years apparently. Hope things keep well in your area.