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Has anyone heard this advert elsewhere?

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DiscoDancer1975 Wed 26-May-21 21:19:03

Thank you FarNorth. That would make sense.

FarNorth Wed 26-May-21 17:12:45

It looks like it's for UK nationals living in Germany.;jsessionid=099CE94ADBC0AC524F70379EAECF9979.2_cid364#doc15091950bodyText1

FarNorth Wed 26-May-21 17:00:27

Is this addressed to UK citizens who are living in Germany? Or to those living in the UK?

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 26-May-21 09:08:28

About a month ago, we watched a ‘Panorama’, about the difficulties faced by children becoming adults in this country, who no longer have a right to be here, because their parents didn’t fill out the appropriate forms, or something was missed when they came to this country.
Most of the ‘ children’ they spoke to had come over at a young age with their parents, but one young man was born here, and still had no rights!!
Anyway, aside from this, I listen to a German House music channel on the internet. There are very few adverts, and they are mostly in German....except one. This is an announcement which has been going at least 6 months now, urging all U.K. citizens to check the citizenship of their children, as they do not have automatic rights. There is a date by which this has to be done....20th June I think.
I haven’t given it much thought, but realised this morning, that every time I put the radio on, it plays this announcement first.
Why on earth is this being announced on a German radio station, that many people probably wouldn’t know exists, unless looking for that particular type of music.
Has anyone else heard it, anywhere else? Time is running out now for anyone it affects.
Would be interested to hear. Thank you.