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Here we go again Lockdown #4 in Victoria

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Spice101 Thu 27-May-21 04:21:38

Just as we thought life was getting back to an acceptable normal we have been hit with a 7 day hard lockdown in Victoria (Australia) Yet what appears to be another quarantine/tracing failure has resulted in 26 cases in the last couple of days after 86 days of no cases.
For the next 7 days there are only 5 reasons for us to leave home.
Essential shopping, medical care and care giving, work, exercise and going for a COVID vaccination.

No visitors to homes except for intimate partners, masks worn in and outside, no public gatherings, no weddings, 10 at funerals, schools will go to remote learning again, no community sport or activity. Can only travel 5kms from home to shop or exercise - unless there are no shops in that distance.

DS has to tell his youngest son that his 5th birthday party which was arranged for Sunday has to be cancelled. It was to be his first real birthday party.

No doubt the colonoscopy I'm booked in for on Saturday will go ahead!

Take care everyone, the rough ride is going to be here for some time yet.

BlueberryPie Thu 27-May-21 06:24:05


So, that applies to those who are fully vaccinated too then? Or are vaccines not widely available there yet?

infoman Thu 27-May-21 06:25:42

Sad news,just keep safe one and all.

Spice101 Thu 27-May-21 06:59:36

Blueberry Pie, the vaccination roll out here has been a bit of a disaster. Not sure why but it seems to be a supply problem. The EU refused to send vaccinations to Australia so that did not help the situation.

I'm not sure how many have been fully vaccinated. I suspect none, most of the 3+ million that have been vaccinated would only have had the first dose. The vaccination only became available in late March so the first of the second doses would not be available until late June. I had my first dose 2 weeks ago so have a while to wait before my next one.

However, the lockdown does apply to everyone, vaccinated or not.

Nansnet Thu 27-May-21 07:06:47

So sorry to hear that! It's so frustrating when the situation, in various places, seems to be improving, and restrictions begin to ease, and then something like this happens. I honestly can't see us ever being rid of this completely, but what happens then?! We can't keep going into lockdowns, and having archaic quarantine rules throughout the world forever ... surely?! I really do fear for the future. Will we ever get back to life as we used to know it?sad