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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 29-May-21 13:40:31

Oh Dear! Another day of computer crashes due to overloading by people wishing to be tested and also others booking in for jabs.
Another five positive cases yesterday so total is now past 30.
Some experts are now saying that’s good enough to cut back on the lockdown from 7 days whilst others are saying we might need to extend it! confused

Bill Nighy is all go all of a sudden! We had two of his docos this evening; first N.Spain which was all about sardines and cider. that’s Michael P. territory of course, but Bill does it betterer by keeping his face off camera and not looking for a flamenco dance or similar to join in. The special train he was on looked pretty swish!
Then off to Sri Lanka and its tea!
Next time I think we’re off to Aztec country.

It’s still ideal weather for a lockdown; Cold, it’s now 10.20pm and 7C out there; 2C minimum tonight.
Not much going on what with the weather and lockdown keeping people off the streets.
Early night tonight!
Good Health wine wine wine

Hellogirl1 Sat 29-May-21 13:58:17

Stay safe and keep well Rufus

Aveline Sat 29-May-21 15:27:07

Busy day today. 10 year old DGS for the day after an op for ingrowing toenail. Have played dominos and snakes and ladders for hours and he read us lots of stories from books he's had here since he was s baby. Lovely lunch (of course) and he ate everything. Changed days.
Drinks in the garden with neighbours later. It's all go!
Have you got a vaccination booked Rufus2?

Spice101 Sun 30-May-21 01:43:34

DH has just come home from our weekly shop at the local (Melbourne) supermarket. Three days into a seven day lockdown and he said the shelves were near bare. Several items he bought were the last on the shelf.

Surely people can get by for seven days, especially when they are allowed to shop every day. Or perhaps it is in anticipation of the lockdown being extended.

Aveline Sun 30-May-21 10:59:55

It took us a while over here to trust that the shops would stay out and that supplies wouldn't run out. Once that became clear things relaxed a bit. I don't think our suppliers, delivery drivers and supermarket staff got nearly enough credit for their hard work in keeping things going.