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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 30-May-21 13:42:10

Have you got a vaccination booked?
Evening All!
Nobody's invited me, so No!
TV News reports of up to 5 hour waiting in queues puts me off, what with being on diuretics and our bitterly cold wind, I'd keep losing my place in the queue every half hour!

Don't know how the other Melburnians are going, Spice and Nanna8,; They're in a younger age bracket and I've noted over the years that ladies seem capable of hanging on longer! So no problems there! hmm

As for stripping supermarket shelves bare our No 2 Son made no comment this morning having done my weekly grocery shop!
His only comment was to urge me to "get on with it" regarding my Air Fryer, still to be christened, so my subtle ploy of waiting for him to take pity on his old Dad and take over hasn't worked.
My excuse is trying to get my new microwave to do what the instructions say it should!.
Some success this evening! It managed to re-heat a lukewarm cup of tea! hmm

One of these days Aveline, you're going to post pictures of your fine dining, as they do on Facebook, which I'm not on, fortunately.

Welcome Hellogirl Thank you! I always feel safe and well here, with GN Guardian Angels "looking over me"
You wouldn't be another Melburnian by any chance?
There's another, much smaller Melbourne in S.Derbyshire; that would qualify! grin

Poor City! All our hopes dashed after such a well fought campaign, but that's life and there's always next season; starting August. Hopefully with real live crowds!

Deathly quiet in the streets again Office workers back to working from home after partial starts to open up offices.
The coffee shops and cafes in the CBD are doing it harder this time with virtually no passing customers and no further Govt financial assistance with wages to help with retention of staff.
Makes you wonder what sort of a future is in store.
Not much of a one if it means lurching from one lockdown to another! Very few people are now saying "when things get back to normal" sad

Oh Dear! Sorry about that!
It's only 10.25pm so time to look for a light-hearted joke
to cheer me up and a cup of hot tea (I hope)

Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Sun 30-May-21 14:12:00

We just got used to lurching from one lockdown to another. I suspect you would too if you had to. No queueing for our vaccinations. It was very well organised indeed and there was a wonderful atmosphere. We were all so glad to be there. Army medics gave us the first one then NHS staff the second.
It never occurs to me to take photos of meals somehow. Just back from a lovely Thai lunch which we didn't mean to have. Oh well. Came home via a Sunday market and stocked upon interesting comestibles. Despite all this eating I'm still losing weight by being ultra careful on 4 days a week. My trousers now look like clown trousers and my new blouse is hanging on me. I'm trying to lose weight before hip op.
Ask for a vaccination at home? You must be top of the priority list

Jaxjacky Sun 30-May-21 14:34:09

Hi Rufus, as well as opposite seasons to you, we’re having opposite lockdowns. City didn’t play their best, to be honest it wasn’t a very exciting game. We had friends round yesterday and sat in the garden eating curries I made, a very pleasant four hours passed by quickly. Been to allotment to water, a few days of sun and it all dries up. As Aveline suggested, can’t you get your jabs at home?
Take care 🥂

Rufus2 Sun 30-May-21 14:54:24

My trousers now look like Clown trousers!

Don't you mean "Trews"?
Don't forget I speak your language! hmm
Oh, sorry I'm getting all ,mixed up; you're Cornish1 What are they called in Poldark country?
Otherwise I was going to suggest a kilt! Photos please! grin
As for lockdowns; Melbourne is the lockdown capital of the Southern Hemisphere, but, sadly, no longer the "most liveable City in the World"!
Wouldn't know where that is now; not Wuhan, for sure!

Aveline Sun 30-May-21 14:59:09

I wear trousers aka 'breeks' where I come from. Trews are very specific as DH found when he commissioned a pair for DD's wedding. He was told that they were 'a young man's style' due to the different cut and seams. He made do with tartan trousers which were very smart.

Rufus2 Sun 30-May-21 15:20:31

can’t you get your jabs at home?
Jaxjacky Possibly, but not rushing to find out! They'll find me sooner or later and we don't fancy a five hour queue of neighbours stretching down the street, plus I'd feel obliged to hand out cups of tea given the weather! grin

Sorry about City, but I won't be watching the TV recording, especially as you've given it the thumbs down! sad
How's your little toe?
Be careful not to trip over your watering can. A full one could inflict a lot of discomfort. grin
It's now Chewsday and the heating's gone off and so must I

Rufus2 Sun 30-May-21 15:29:07

Now where did Monday get to!? confused
Think I need a jab up the backside to help me concentrate!

Jaxjacky Sun 30-May-21 15:34:47

😂😂😂 zzzzz

rafichagran Sun 30-May-21 15:44:00

Hello Rufus I saw the Man City Chelsea match. Hope you were not too disappointed.
Watching the play of for the Championship. Blackpool V Lincoln.
Just came back, drove out to get some shopping and treated myself to a coffee and cake and watched the world go by. The weather is lovely where I am now, although it was cold this morning.
Take Care.