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Isthis what we want for our grandchildren's education post Covid

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marq66 Wed 02-Jun-21 17:49:02

Figures from the Institute Fiscal Studies released this week reveal that to help children's education post Covid, the US is committing £1600 per child, the Netherlands is committing £2500 and Britain is committing just £50 per child. Sadly the Government's education recovery tzar is contemplating resigning as the government turned down his request for £15 bn. First our children are let down over 'A' level and GCSE results, now their future education recovery is minimised. What next?

marq66 Wed 02-Jun-21 18:49:59

Yes - sadly the education recovery tzar HAS resigned!!!

NotSpaghetti Wed 02-Jun-21 19:04:15

Just heard that our offer was £27 each for junior school children!