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Good evening Sunday late.

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Megs36 Sun 06-Jun-21 20:15:21

To missing friends, tried to send message in answer to one I received but won’t go....
Cheers anyone reading this ????????

Mattsmum2 Sun 06-Jun-21 20:18:43

Raising a glass too, take care and stay safe xxx ??????

Callistemon Sun 06-Jun-21 20:22:26

Perhaps Sleepless in Melbourne may see this.
I hope he is ok (well, I hope he's sleeping soundly).


rafichagran Sun 06-Jun-21 20:46:55

I hope he see's this thread, and is now sleeping well.

Aveline Sun 06-Jun-21 20:59:17

Good idea to start this thread. Hope everyone's having a good day including absent friends.

Jaxjacky Sun 06-Jun-21 20:59:35

Take care, you’re missed ?

fatgran57 Sun 06-Jun-21 23:49:55

Good morning - well it's morning in Australia! to our missing (in action or due to action) friend.

Terrible weather here at present cold wet and windy.

Not many in Tasmania have had covid jabs yet OH and me included. We are fortunate here in that there are no cases on our island at the present time so our lives go on as usual. We do have to check in using an app when we eat out, shops etc but that is easy to use.

Hope you are off the naughty step back in the fold soon wine

Aveline Mon 07-Jun-21 10:21:51

Good morning fatgran. Sounds like Tasmania has been lucky and dodged the covid bullet.
It's going to be hot here in Scotland today 20°. Probably nothing to you lot down under but pretty sweltering up here!
Hoping life is continuing uneventfully down under. No double entendre of course.

Jaxjacky Mon 07-Jun-21 11:00:26

Thank you for news from Tasmania fatgran we have cloud here in southern England might see 21 later if the sun appears.

rafichagran Mon 07-Jun-21 13:26:22

The sun has appeared and I am in a lovely cafe drinking latte in my lunch hour.
If you are reading this, Hello Rufus