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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 10-Jun-21 14:47:00

Good Evening Thursday!
Well, what a night that was! The worst this and that since 2012. I was lucky in having only 6 power cuts whilst I was typing last nights bulletin, but homes up ,in the nearby hills suffered all sorts of damage; monster trees uprooted and falling on homes and cars and of course loss of power and internet.
. We all suffered heavy rain and this has been the pattern all the way up the East coast even into Southern Queensland. Speaking with our Brisbane branch just now and their main complaint is the cold. Only 18C all day! Same for Sydney Poor things! sad
The next major problem will be flash-flooding with rivers bursting banks.

Don’t worry about them mice Megs Thousands of them in New South Wales, but there’s a good chance of them drowning.

ixion If you give me your DS’s phone number I can give them a wake-up call, that would produce some action! Where are they by the way?
Don’t you worry about dodgy jokes! Only subtle ones henceforth; nobody will understand them so nobody offended!

What’s it with all this talk of “cocktails”? Are all your “significant others” James Bond look-alikes? Very sophisticated!

Melbourne’s 14 day lockdown ends at 11.59pm tonight, but not so for some services such as gyms, causing many owners to appear on TV complaining bitterly. Being “fed up” seems to say it all!
New cases are continuing to be very low’’ 4 one day, only 1 the next !

I see Glasgow Celtic have a new manager, an Aussie,would you believe! Hopefully there won’t be a language barrier.

Had a new book waiting for me when I was released;
“Difficult Women” by Helen Lewis.
Recommended by Galaxy
” A history of Feminism in 11 Fights” shock
Looks like a promising read!

Tonight's TV doco saw Robson Green still walking Hadrians Wall.
Lovely scenery. I suppose the Romans wanted to keep The Barbarians out of England in order to preserve their hygienic lifestyle because we were shown a 20-seater toilet block unearthed during an archeological dig!
Not much room for social distancing in those days and I suppose the only sign hanging outside said ”Gents”, in Latin , of course! grin

It’s quite peaceful out there at 11.40 pm so a good night’s sleep is on the cards.

Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Thu 10-Jun-21 14:53:20

Sounds awful Rufus2 a dark and stormy night indeed. It's grey and clammy here today. I'd hoped to see the partial eclipse but no luck. Just too cloudy.
Talk about mice, my DD caught a little Field mouse yesterday. She has 2 cats but it was her that caught the little thing. Very sweet but they gave it it's freedom in the field behind the house. The wee boys were desperate to keep it.
Any news of your new wee lad Finn? Bet you're glad he's not called after your embarrassing pet name like one royal Gran!

rafichagran Thu 10-Jun-21 18:53:33

Weather sounds bad RufusIt is warm where I am. I had quite a nice day and my car passed its MO T, so that was a bonus I was not expecting.
Nice to see you back, take care.