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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 11-Jun-21 14:37:36

Alan Coren did the older James Bond in one line

'James Bond tensed in the darkness and reached for his teeth
Courtesy of “The Oldie”
Friesday!; and not a chip sight! Weather was not to my liking so stayed in again, and made up for it with Smoked Cod and parsley sauce from the freezer, but still no chips!
I must stop procrastinating and fire up the Hot Air fryer.

What a pleasant coincidence that “The Oldie” should publish the James Bond joke so soon after you showing you’re partial to cocktails; shaken, not stirred, I assume!?
And I assume your Significant Other would not be reaching for his teeth, no matter how tense! grin

Terribly depressing day today watching TV footage of all the fallen gum trees up there in the hills, some very old and 5ft. diameter. Emergency services on the go with chain saws clearing all the fallen trees off roads, houses, fallen power lines.
Many homes, at least those left standing, won’t get power back until next week.
On top of all that we had views of floods after all the rain and all the damage caused to homes and shops with mud everywhere,
Tragically two people have died as a result, drowned, trapped in their cars with water up to roof height in many cases
Now there are the old arguments about “green Councils” not allowing owners to remove potential situations resulting in catastrophes such as last year’s bush fires and now storm damage.
But you’re obviously familiar with this sort of thing, although it does tarnish the myth of Australia, land of sun, sand and surf!

rafichagran Passing an MOT test was always cause for celebration, I take it they are still required annually, unlike here where they are only carried out in order to effect a
legal sale to a private purchaser, although that does act as a guarantee to the purchaser that the vehicle is roadworthy,
If trading it in to a dealer, then no roadworthy certificate is required.
The police can also pull over any vehicle they think is dodgy such as dragging its exhaust pipe along the road plus sparks!

Aveline You speak in riddles or maybe Code!
What “embarrassing name and royal gran” am I supposed to understand?

Double doco on railways this evening with a repeat of the Waverley to Maillog, not the steam Jacobite plus a new Chris Tarrant in the frozen wastes of Transylvania, investigating Dracula legends. Shock, Horror!

Which reminds me! What’s happened to the Two-Wit, Two Woo thread during my absence? Perhaps they’re all cured of insomnia!

Thanks for enquiring about Finn. Haven’t seen him yet He’s doing well I’m told and photos have been promised!
I’m hoping lockdown restrictions will have eased sufficiently for him to travel here for his first birthday! smile

Announced today that Brisbane is favourite to host the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, which is good news as they will coincide with my 103rd birthday! and we could score free accommodation if No.2 Son, Neil and family haven’t relocated.
Dream on , Rufus! hmm
Good Health wine wine wine

FannyCornforth Fri 11-Jun-21 14:40:35

Welcome back Rufus!

Aveline Fri 11-Jun-21 15:09:45

Hi Rufus2. I was alluding to Ginge and Whinge ( aka the Sussexes) calling their new baby after the Queen's family pet name Lilibet. Cheeky and insensitive.
I saw you'd been having awful weather near you. Very scary. Those poor people.
We've been out eating again. Asparagus, dressed crab then creme caramel. Yum.
Out again tomorrow night to a Japanese restaurant. No chips!
Stay safe. Batten down those hatches.

Callistemon Fri 11-Jun-21 15:14:40

Hello Rufus

I missed what had happened over there with floods, Australia is certainly going through it with fire, floods and pestilence.
However, I saw this picture earlier, courtesy of ABC which is of snow and birds in the Blue Mountains, amazing!

Callistemon Fri 11-Jun-21 15:15:14

Try again

rafichagran Fri 11-Jun-21 15:25:19

Hello Rufus the weather sounds alful out there. I am having a stay in day today, most unusual for me. I keep thinking we will get a thunderstorm.
Your 103 birthday eh, coincides with me fully retiring. I will be 66, 67 later that year.
Anyway sleep well, and stay fit.

Jaxjacky Fri 11-Jun-21 15:36:10

Hi Rufus, horrible weather, must have been very scary for those involved, our rain (what rain?) insignificant. I too have been out for lunch today, a rare occasion for me, I treated a friend for her birthday.
Football tonight after Friday pub visit, 15 of us are in the Sky Euros Super6, we have our own league, a bit of fun!
Take care ?

Beechnut Fri 11-Jun-21 19:17:18

That’s a pretty picture Callistemon.

rafichagran Fri 11-Jun-21 20:30:18

Sorry 2032 your 103rd birthday and my 74th birthday. Knocked 10 years of my age.

Callistemon Fri 11-Jun-21 22:13:26


That’s a pretty picture Callistemon.

I liked the colourful birds against the rather grey and white background.

Does it normally snow in the Blue Mountains, Rufus?

Rufus2 Sat 12-Jun-21 12:53:35

Does it normally snow in the Blue Mountains, Rufus
Callistemon OK1 I'll take the bait and say, Not often; only once in a blue moon! grin

As you know those pretty birds are King Parrots and we get them in our back garden in the Autumn, like now, when they come to feed off our pomegranates.
Very interesting to watch them perch on one leg whilst holding a pome and picking out the seeds.
Also spitting out all the inedible bits which we have to sweep up later, but we forgive them for that, as we love to see them! grin

Callistemon Sat 12-Jun-21 13:10:12

Thanks for the information, Rufus, interesting.

And that seems like unusual weather in the Blue Mountains too. I never got there, the day we were going there was a thick mist so it seemed a bit pointless.

Aveline Sat 12-Jun-21 14:29:54

We loved our trip to the Blue Mountains. Nearer Melbourne we went on a tour to the Dandenongs. While the guide was brewing up and preparing some Vegemite crackers we were surrounded by lovely pink birds. Galahs?