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What happened to COVID restrictions last night?

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Newatthis Sat 19-Jun-21 10:55:17

I was shocked when I saw the England/Scotland fans last night in London. Everyone hugging, pre match drinking/socialising, many walking and standing very close together etc etc. However, dancing at weddings is banned, flying to see our overseas families in some countries is banned...... it's hardly surprising numbers are flaring up and it's not going away.

Jaxjacky Sat 19-Jun-21 11:06:45

Already a thread under News&Politics.

Newatthis Sat 19-Jun-21 14:07:15

I don't think it's the same. I wa shocked with regard to COVID spreading because of the multitudes.

Michael12 Sat 19-Jun-21 15:13:44

It seems to be getting to relaxed , the government seem over confident as to jabs being one thing , and also the figures they state how old are they .

Mollygo Sat 19-Jun-21 17:06:31

Choirs are not allowed to sing indoors. Football fans think they can sing anywhere. Many who have stuck to the rules for a long time have just decided that they can do what they want. Hey ho!

Sarnia Sun 20-Jun-21 08:25:33

I wonder if some people are sick of it all so are doing what they want. Many will feel safe if they have received both vaccines jabs. The football supporters aren't the only ones. We have had several marches and gatherings during this pandemic where people have ignored the rules.

nanna8 Sun 20-Jun-21 08:31:13

We are the same here. Only 2 visitors allowed in your home but everyone crammed into cafes, restaurants, sporting events. No consistency whatsoever. As for the vaccine roll out here, it is just a sick joke.