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Good Evening Sat'Day

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rafichagran Sat 19-Jun-21 17:00:20

To all of you who have lost pets, I am sorry. I have had and lost cats myself.

rafichagran Sat 19-Jun-21 16:59:04

Evening Rufus, Vera sounds lovely and you both sound like you had an amazing marriage.
Had a good day myself although the weather is not good.

Megs36 Sat 19-Jun-21 14:57:27

Bluddy animals break your heart Aveline. So sad you’ve lost your boy. Over the years how many times have I said never again when one of ours died, then guess what…. But this one will be our last, we’re too old.

Aveline Sat 19-Jun-21 14:19:15

He was our Maine Coon and only 10 years old. I suppose it was a nice way for him to go but very shocking for us. DH and I are in bits.

Rufus2 Sat 19-Jun-21 14:14:50

Aveline Very sorry to read that! sad
Poor Baz! how old? What did he have for his last supper'breakfast
Was he your "Moon"? Not sure I've got that right!

grannylyn65 Sat 19-Jun-21 13:54:35

Aveline ?

Aveline Sat 19-Jun-21 13:51:30

A very bad day here. I found out beloved cat, Baz, dead at his food bowl.

Rufus2 Sat 19-Jun-21 13:38:56

Good Evening Sat’Day’
If at first you don’t succeed etc.! No luck finding Friesday’s effort; no matter!
Cool 14C and partly sunny. Not funny for over 1,000 people in the hills. Estimates vary depending in who you listen to, but another 3 weeks before it’s fixed’
Wind power would be a difficult solution because of the number of trees and the only turbine source is the Snowy mountain hydro scheme in NSW. not very practical!

rafichagran Trust your “all round” is not referring to my appearance! ? Although when Vera first came to our cricket club and saw her Adonis scampering to the boundary her first remark was “You can’t run”! So began a beautiful friendship! smile

Megs We used to get regular TV shows on darts, snooker; “Pot Black” with Eddie Charlton; “Whispering what’s his name” as commentator Ideal for TV!.

Poetry in motion to watch a darts person standing in front of the board, steady as a rock with a pint in one hand and throwing a dart with the other!, although only the lads at the local pub did it that way. hmm
Good money for the experts on the pro’s circuit. Isn’t there a player named “Trump” up there with the best!

Aveline why do you feel you have to stoke up on meals prior to your Hip-Hop!? I know you’ve got impeccable taste, but our hospital menus would satisfy anyone these days with their emphasis on healthy diets. I like them, anyway, but you can keep your Yoghurt, Gippsland included!

A tame draw after all! TV News this evening showed Scottish(!) supporters, 3,000 of them descended on Wembley; no masks and even then I couldn’t understand what half of them were chanting other than they seemed to think they’d won! grin

Chris Tarrant was in Kenya this evening highlighting how China has paid for and built a modern railway line throughout Kenya, for obvious reasons!

Sydney now has further Covid cases; 6 would you believe! It won’t be long before they’re talking of a cluster of one new case!
Vaccine take-up is still very slow, partly due to a variety of opinions on the efficacy of the different vaccines; blood clots still figures prominently in people’s minds.
Closure of State borders is an ever present threat for people wishing to travel and hoping to get back home without having to go into 14-days hotel quarantine.

The married couple who travelled into Queensland from Melbourne on forged vaccination papers have just been released and fined $4,000 EACH!
No tears being shed for them! hmm
On that happy note and fingers crossed I’ll catch the post!
Good Health wine wine wine