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Weird weather all over!

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Witzend Sat 03-Jul-21 14:56:37

Swedish friend just told me that 31 deg is forecast for the most northerly point of Sweden tomorrow.
While Stockholm is forecast a ‘mere’ 27.

Esspee Sat 03-Jul-21 16:17:30

It has been roasting in Glasgow recently. The last two nights were too uncomfortable for sleeping. Thankfully it is overcast today so much cooler, it’s only 21C on our patio thank goodness.

MerylStreep Sat 03-Jul-21 16:29:10

I do believe that we have passed the point of no return in reference to climate change.

ninathenana Sat 03-Jul-21 17:54:24

Thunderstorms and heavy rain were forecast in the S.E. Friday night and today. I'm currently sitting on the patio in 23c heat and haven"t seen a drop of rain.

MiniMoon Sat 03-Jul-21 20:47:39

16° here at present. We've had rain on and off all day. Otherwise its been a beautiful week, with highs of 21°. Just right for me.

Blossoming Sat 03-Jul-21 21:01:08

It’s been hot and sultry here all day. Just had a tremendous thunderstorm and the rain is now hammering down and it’s lovely. Hope it goes away again for Monday though…

Kim19 Sat 03-Jul-21 21:35:55

I find these temperatures unusual but not exceptional except perhaps Canada. I must research that a bit.

Deedaa Sat 03-Jul-21 21:41:08

Canada is definitely exceptional Kim19 and the high temperatures in Antarctica are worrying.