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Tesco Money Off Coupons.

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Sarnia Mon 05-Jul-21 08:04:21

Same as YorkLady. Tesco also have some good Clubcard offers on certain products in store.

henetha Sun 04-Jul-21 10:54:44

I was quite surprised when these arrived as I hadn't had any for ages. I hope they get round to sending yours soon, Calendargirl.

Calendargirl Sun 04-Jul-21 10:48:43

Apologies, I realise I posted ‘money off’ which was not what I meant LauraNorder and henetha I have not received any through the post which I usually do.

If not, will redeem them via app on my next shop.

henetha Sun 04-Jul-21 10:43:16

I received some last week and will use them on my click and collect order. They are for extra clubcard points rather than money off.

LauraNorder Sun 04-Jul-21 09:57:02

Yes, I’ve recently received a coupon for double points on two shops and extra points on some items.
I redeem them on line but could also use on the app or at the till. How else would you redeem them?

YorkLady Sun 04-Jul-21 09:55:20

I had some in the post this week. Just extra points on certain products and a voucher for double points on two shops.
When I placed my order online yesterday, they were on my checkout page too. So you can find them there if you think they have been lost in the post.

love0c Sun 04-Jul-21 09:44:15

Do you mean the ones you can use to get three times the amount off certain things?

Calendargirl Sun 04-Jul-21 09:22:10

Are Tesco still sending those coupons which give you extra points on certain items, and double points on 2 shops?

I usually receive them every so often, but had an e mail the other day which read as though you could only redeem them now at the till, via the app, or via an online shop.

I’m not talking about the paper coupons which give you several pounds off, which come every 3 months or so and are valid for two years.

I’ve looked on website, but can’t see an answer.