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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 04-Jul-21 14:06:53

Evening All! Now tell me all about it; was it a good game?
4-0 is a good result. Now, who’s next?
I’m yet to find a FREE download other than 3 min. of highlights, but they’re never worth the effort.
Anyway, you’ve lots of other news to discuss.

rafichagran Harry Kane bagging two goals might put his transfer price up, but I’m still inclined to think Pep will keep looking elsewhere. We shall see!

Megs Did the happy couple finally get married in church or did they elope to save everyone from the hassles of the pandemic?
Wimbledon tennis didn’t appear to be weather affected, so I guess you had a nice day!

Our week-end newspaper has an article about the Aussie iron ore dynasty featuring amongst others, Gina Rinehart, the richest woman in Australia, Lang Hancock (dec), her father and several other family characters; if they’re not billionaires they’re millionaires!
All derived from vast iron ore mines.
Yet with all those fortunes they are constantly in court squabbling over wills and ”deeds of settlement”, with one elderly reclusive lady said to be worth $2.3bn’ whilst two “children” in one of the families involved are worth $1.8bn each!
I find it sickening given the state of our economy with thousands out of work and relying on Govt hand-outs.
OK, they may be giving generously to good causes which I’m not aware of, but they are certainly giving the top brass of our legal professions top dollar, I imagine!

Meanwhile, out on the streets, NSW in particular is in various stages of lockdown depending where you live. It’s something of a jungle out there with the various States, each with its own lockdowns
Suffice it to say that Melbourne has remained healthy; the Fed Govt. has just published a 4-stage plan to set us free of lock-downs and so we find we’re in Stage 1
It’s difficult when the powers that be keep shifting the goalposts.

Aveline Hope your break went well and that you had a good “Room with a View”, assuming, of course, you weren’t camping out under the stars, which you wouldn’t be doing here right now! It’s literally freezing with near zero dawn temps and 12C max.

Rob Bell was walking the tracks of disused railways and this time he walked the Barnstaple to Ilfracombe .”line”; our stomping ground for cheap holidays when Mam and Dad retired down that way. Lovely countryside!

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Sun 04-Jul-21 14:26:17

Hello Rufus Wonderful wedding but a ‘Venue’ not church. Lovely farm in the Hertfordshire countryside. Lots of groomsmen and bridesmaids , the weather was great and the happy couple beautiful, I’m a-bit biased! We saw lots of family and friends not seen for months which was lovely. Sadly us grandparents not so good these days so couldn’t join the dancing but-a lovely day nonetheless
Youmentioed the Barnstaple to Ilfracombe line, coincidentally another grandchild has recently opened a coffee /cale shop in that area and seems to be doing well.🤞 I’m pleased to say.
Hope your new addition to the family is doing well

Aveline Sun 04-Jul-21 14:34:09

That sounds lovely Megs36- an ideal day. So nice to meet up with everyone for a family wedding.
Rufus2 we have indeed been given a room with a view. A great weekend with the family and as a bonus there was a wedding going on in the hotel so DD and I could watch all the goings ons. No need for other entertainment!
Great food too. Tiffin boxes last night. Delicious. Off swimming now. So great to be able to move easily under water.
Thunder and lightning due which is good as the atmosphere is so humid.
Has Ian been to visit you yet?

rafichagran Sun 04-Jul-21 14:46:08

Denmark next on Wednesday, it was a brilliant game. The headlines in one paper said Harry bagged 2 and his balls exploded. I think the game has given alot of people a lift, it's called the beautiful game, it has no language barriers and people unite.
I must go now, as finished my coffee and the waiting staff have cleared the table.
Sleep well.

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Jul-21 15:08:26

Hi Rufus a superb game, we watched it in the local and our table is booked for Wednesday, Gareth Southgate knows what he’s doing alright. Wimbledon hasn’t been overly affected by the showery weather, yet….Hope Ian and Fin are doing well and recovering/thriving, our GD got a nasty burn on Friday but is recovering well. The allotment needs attention, that is a tomorrow job if the rain stays away. I assume you’re managing to rustle up some grub to keep you going until your ‘deliveries’ start again.
Take care 🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿