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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 05-Jul-21 14:29:35

Good Evening Monday Thanks for all that information.
rafichagran I’m still looking for a free site for viewing even if only to see Harry’s twin explosions; that must have dropped his transfer fee even lower
Not much rest for he lads between games. OK if the B team is as good as the A’
Enjoy your coffee on Wednesday and let’s hope you don’t have cause to splutter and spill it down your Union Jack outfit! hmm

Jaxjacky Poor GD! Did her screams go super-sonic? With ours you had to wait until they’d dropped back to the audible range!
Hope she’s recovered well and unlikely to do it again.

Ian and Finn ( I haven’t had a card from him, so I’m guessing he’s got two “n”s.) must be OK. Haven’t heard from Ian for a week, but I’m OK foodwise in the freezer and the Air Fryer is beginning to get a good workout; something I might need after another 5 weeks of chips!

Megs Pleased to hear the Wedding went off well, especially with the Venue being outdoors.
Sounds an ideal occasion to show off your latest Fashionista; I can visualise both you and Mr, M nonchalantly holding a glass of champagne whilst holding on to your shooting sticks’ smile
We used to see a lot of those at the polo in Windsor Great Park.
Back to Earth with a thud this morning!?

Aveline Pleased you had a ”Room with a View” for a change! A view of something nice hope!
Now here’s a coincidence! That window is a spitting image of one shown on “The Tower of London”, or was it Susan’s “Secret Scotland”?
I’ll check the recording later. Looked a bit “Churchy”
Her final episode this evening when she finished up in Ayrshire and Robbie Burns country!
All the chaps had thick woolly beards, to keep chins warm I suppose, but they tend to muffle speech somewhat!

Ian’s hip-hop was only a week ago; another five to go and by then he might have his new car,; for some reason he’s always had manuals, but this one is an automatic which will be fine, no more clutch-pedal pushing!

Our pollies and media are carrying on like two-bob watches over the slow vaccine roll-out.
Hot-spots in NSW are still with us and could be for evermore. sad
Our Michelle (B’mouth) told me this week we need a Matt Hancock, whoever he is, to sort us out!
Still perishing cold in the wind 12C max. 3C min.!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Mon 05-Jul-21 14:36:38

Hi Rufus, try this:

Take care 🥂

Aveline Mon 05-Jul-21 14:42:08

Hi Rufus2 nothing 'churchy' about Peebles Hydro which is where we were staying. That photo is of our bedroom window. Lovely room with a lovely view.
Unfortunately we came home to bad floods and the news that our DS has Covid. He's OK just feels wiped out. He has to self isolate for 10 days though so I suspect I'll be shuttling around getting food to him.
Sounds pretty chilly where you are. It's been sort of clammy here before the heavens opened. Poor SiL's business is flooded out again and they've only just relaid the floors since the last flood. Councils fault. They just didn't bother clearing out the drains despite promising they would! Problems across the whole city. Och!angry

Rufus2 Mon 05-Jul-21 16:03:27

Jaxjacky Many thanks!
Two questions;
1 The clip is 27 mins. Is there more to follow!?
2 England's players have a "balloon" attached to their head when in possession of the ball!. what's all that about!?
Guess what I'll be doing in the morning! grin

rafichagran Mon 05-Jul-21 19:21:52

Good Evening Rufus sitting here watching Wimbledin at the moment.
Like Ian I have always had manual cars, and have never really wanted to drive a automatic, but like you say it will be better for him now.

Jaxjacky Mon 05-Jul-21 20:13:45

Hi Rufus, I’m not sure, but there may be other recordings on YouTube.
Take care 🥂