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Creative names for hairdressing establishments.

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Lilylaundry Tue 06-Jul-21 12:51:56

I was listening to Radio5live during the night a couple of weeks ago and listeners were asked to send in whacky names of their hairdressing establishments. These are the two I heard but I was so tired I fell asleep before the next names were announced.

Baldylocks and the three hairs.

A clip around the ear.

I love these, what imaginative use of words.

Does anyone know of other equally memorable names (not the 'Cut above' or 'Curl up and dye' names)?

Calendargirl Tue 06-Jul-21 13:17:00

Bobs And Bangs.

Fringe Benefits.

( I confess, I have just invented these, have never seen them, but who knows?)

Witzend Tue 06-Jul-21 13:32:59

I’ve seen Curl Up and Dye.

Aldom Tue 06-Jul-21 13:36:28

Headlines....the salon I use.

Aldom Tue 06-Jul-21 13:42:35

Oh and... Plait-Inum, another salon near me.

May7 Tue 06-Jul-21 13:43:39

Woof Cuts ok it's a dog groomers but I thought it was clever

varian Tue 06-Jul-21 13:44:23

Head Office

Cutting Corner

Upper Cuts

fevertree Tue 06-Jul-21 13:48:06

We have Love, Live and Dye smile

timetogo2016 Tue 06-Jul-21 13:57:45

Gossip corner.
The chop shop.
A cut above the rest.

Greenfinch Tue 06-Jul-21 14:03:35

Hairy Poppins

Farmor15 Tue 06-Jul-21 18:59:50

The Confession Box (in Waterford, Ireland)

TrendyNannie6 Tue 06-Jul-21 19:04:48

Blow &Go , and one I do know of and have been there always made me laugh as I didn’t think it was painting a good picture for a hairdressers it was called scruffs and is in cambridge, great hairdressers though

Chewbacca Tue 06-Jul-21 19:26:51

A hairdressing salon in our town had their name HEAD OFFICE put on their windows but, late one night, some wit snook out and scratched off parts of the letters and by Monday morning it said HEAD LICE. grin

gulligranny Tue 06-Jul-21 19:34:58

In the 1980s my local salon was British Hairways, and a few years ago I went to Scissorhandz

boheminan Tue 06-Jul-21 19:51:13

A town near me has a 'Hair Today, Shorn Tomorrow'

grannypiper Tue 06-Jul-21 20:48:22

We have "The cutting room" Great little place.

Pittcity Tue 06-Jul-21 21:22:32

On the military base that DS is at the barbers is called On Hair Majesty's Service.

lemongrove Tue 06-Jul-21 21:35:45

Live And Let Dye
Comb Overs
Hair To The Throne
( not real names, made up by yours truly)