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Who else can fall asleep at the drop of a hat?

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LittleToasterx Sat 10-Jul-21 21:04:29

I have CFS and Fibro so it happens regularly for me. It can be quite annoying, especially when I'm in the middle of a TV program or reading a book. Worst part is I don't even know I've gone half the time.

MadeInYorkshire Sat 10-Jul-21 21:07:33

I have similar issues and often find myself with my head on my table in the middle of the night!

Shinamae Sat 10-Jul-21 21:08:49

I find if I sit still for too long like when watching TV I can feel my head going down and I have to get up and walk around and do something

NanKate Sat 10-Jul-21 21:12:43

I have an under active thyroid and against my wishes my tablets have been reduced by the doctor and consultant, which has caused even more sleepiness. Give me a pillow and I can sleep anywhere at any time and I hate it. Rant over.

Megs36 Sat 10-Jul-21 21:16:31

Me too,I’ve lost count of number of times I’ve had to rewind the last half hour of something I was watching on TV, or re read the paper. I’ve always thought if nodding off was an Olympic sport I’d get a gold😴 Actually enquired at doctors years ago about sleeping for England, she had no answer.
Been like this for years even in the theatre or cinema. Always sleep well at night so what’s the answer.🥱🥱🥱

BlueBelle Sat 10-Jul-21 21:17:04

I don’t have any underlying conditions but I can drop asleep on a clothes line

LauraNorder Sat 10-Jul-21 21:26:21

Same for me BlueBelle. Maybe it’s that cold shower in the morning!

Jaxjacky Sat 10-Jul-21 21:38:05

MrJ cat naps downstairs and goes off at night within seconds, planes the same. Me, slept in a chair once in my adult life, takes me ages to go to sleep and watch all the films on planes.

annsixty Sat 10-Jul-21 22:03:57

My late H , for the whole of his long life, could/would get into bed ,turn on his side, close his eyes and be asleep.
He had no health issues , was just a very good sleeper.
I envied him then and now.

geekesse Sat 10-Jul-21 22:07:05

I’m fit with no medical conditions. All my life I’ve been able to fall asleep easily. It’s a family joke that I’m like a baby doll - if I get horizontal, my eyes shut. I can catnap in any position. There’s a picture of me somewhere asleep standing up against a wall in an airport departure lounge.

valdali Sat 10-Jul-21 22:23:43

I'm the same, I've gone past my stop on the Underground from temporarily nodding off, and woken up on a deserted train when the cleaners came through. Won't be falling asleep in the chair tomorrow evening though!

sodapop Sat 10-Jul-21 22:29:37

My husband, never fails as soon as he sits down to watch TV away he goes.
I have difficulty sleeping, takes me a good hour or more to fall asleep at night.

Esspee Sat 10-Jul-21 22:37:12

My O.H. says I could sleep for Scotland. My head touches the pillow and within a minute I’m away.
If I choose to have a nap in the afternoon it lasts 2 hours and I still sleep well at night.
If by any chance my sleep is disrupted for any reason I react very badly until I get back into my routine.
I’m an early riser.

Rufus2 Sat 10-Jul-21 22:39:58

I often fall asleep in my armchair in front of the TV just before the drop of a cup tea or whatever!

annodomini Sat 10-Jul-21 22:52:09

I dropped off and missed the last set of the tennis final this afternoon. At night I tell Alexa to stop playing music in 20 minutes and I'm always asleep before it stops. I often have a nap in the afternoon. After a good night's sleep, I wake up, read for a while and fall asleep again. On one occasion, I fell asleep in my chair with a cup of tea in my hand and my laptop on my lap. The tea went all over the laptop and it cost me a fair amount to get it fixed.

BlueSky Sun 11-Jul-21 01:03:20

I have the most satisfying cat naps every night watching TV. Just can’t resist them, even if I’m watching an interesting program!

V3ra Sun 11-Jul-21 01:53:14

My husband is the one in this house. He falls asleep at the dining table after dinner virtually every night. How he doesn't fall off his chair I do not know!

sharon103 Sun 11-Jul-21 02:15:04

I'm an expert at falling asleep when a favourite programme starts and waking up just when it finishes.
I can never fall asleep when I go to bed though.

Witzend Sun 11-Jul-21 08:22:27

Only on the sofa, with the TV on.
In bed is usually another matter, though I can often nod off while reading in bed, but then the dropping of the book or Kindle wakes me up, and it can be ages before I get back to sleep.

watermeadow Sun 11-Jul-21 17:23:49

I’m asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, or the cushion if I want a nap on the sofa.
Staying asleep at night is another matter. I’m usually wide awake a few hours later.

tidyskatemum Sun 11-Jul-21 19:32:49

When I was in my 20's I had a friend who regularly nodded off in the most unlikely places - at the National Theatre (it wasn't that boring!), sitting waiting for an assistant in a shoe shop, even at half time on the terraces at Tottenham Hotspur! As far as I know she had no underlying health problems. I, on the other hand, simply cannot sleep during daylight hours no matter how tired I am.